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Crimean hotels are dumping. Summer prices are reduced by 30%

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Due to the demand situation, Crimean accommodation facilities have reduced prices for summer accommodation by 30% compared to the same period last year and offer additional discounts. This was announced by the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin.

Now, on average in Russia, the cost of accommodation has increased by 8% in the segment of low-budget hotels and by 10-15% in high-level properties. And across the Crimea there is a decrease in prices. According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic, prices have decreased by 30% compared to 2022, although a not very high price level was already announced last year. Demand is undulating, reflecting uncertainty in the direction— quotes Barzykin TASS.

The Vice-President of the PCT recalled that last year the Crimean peninsula, according to various estimates, missed about 40% of the tourist flow. This year, according to his forecast, the losses will be less. In early June, there may be a surge in consumer activity in the Crimea.

However, tourists may face a shortage of tickets, as the main problem remains the disrupted transport logistics. Now 19 trains a day come to Crimea, several more trains will be added by the season. This partly reduces the shortage of transportation, but does not completely solve the problem, since traditionally more than 30% of tourists arrived on the peninsula by plane, the expert said.

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