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Crimean student teams approved a work plan for 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

January, on the basis of the boarding house «Volna-Park» in the village of Peschanoe, an extraordinary IV reporting and election conference of the Crimean regional branch of the youth all-Russian public organization » Russian Student Detachments.

Within the framework of the conference, the delegates of the student teams of the leading educational organizations of the Republic of Crimea adopted amendments to the Charter of the organization aimed at optimizing the work of the student team movement for subsequent registration with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Crimea, and approved work plans for the coming year.

Студенческие отряды Крыма утвердили план работы на 2023 год Студенческие отряды Крыма утвердили план работы на 2023 год Студенческие отряды Крыма утвердили план работы на 2023 год

At the conference 413 the year in the student teams of the Republic of Crimea was declared the Year of mentoring, which corresponds to the theme of the year in the Russian Federation — «The Year of the Teacher and Mentor». There are a large number of students in student teams who form student pedagogical teams to work as counselors in children’s health improvement. Work in this direction in 413 is being built in close cooperation with the Russian Movement of Children and Youth «Movement of the First», and the mechanisms for this cooperation were approved by a common decision.

In the Republic of Crimea, special attention is paid to the creation and development of labor groups of adolescents in schools and secondary vocational educational institutions and to attract underage adolescents to work under the mentorship of student counselors pedagogical groups. Students have the opportunity to work with children not only during the vacation period, but also during the academic year to interact with them and guide them in the framework of the labor and patriotic education of youth , — notes the head of the student pedagogical teams of the Republic of Crimea Svetlana Ovsepyan.

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