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Demand for engineers, builders and road workers in Russia has more than doubled

CrimeaPRESS reports:

IN Avito Work found out how the growing pace of road construction in Russia affected the demand for specialists in this industry. The study showed that the number of vacancies for engineers, builders, and road workers has doubled in the country. The increase in wages for engineers in the country amounted to 16% — from 52 thousand to 61 thousand rubles. per month.

Russia is actively increasing the pace of construction of roads throughout the country — the total level of funding for road activities for 2023-2027 will be 13.2 trillion rubles. The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a plan that includes the five largest road construction projects, which are planned to be implemented in the period up to 2027.

How has the demand for road builders changed?

According to Avito Rabota, in April 2023 compared to April 2022, the demand for builders and engineers increased by 2.8 times and 2.2 times. In addition, the demand for road workers increased by 2.2 times over the year.

The most significant increase in the number of vacancies for engineers over the year is observed in Kazan — 316%, in second place — Ufa (314%), in third — Voronezh (299%). The first two cities will be involved in the construction of roads from the approved plan, in particular Kazan-Ekaterinburg and the M-12 highway.

The salary of engineers in Russia increased by 16% — from 52 thousand to 61 thousand rubles. per month. The region with the largest increase in salary was Yekaterinburg (43%).

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At the same time, companies began to need more specialists to ensure continuous construction: drivers of tractors, dump trucks, excavators and bulldozers.

The state is actively implementing highway construction projects throughout the country — hence the growing demand not only for experienced engineers, designers, operators and other road infrastructure builders, but also for road workers, vacancies for which are often designed for candidates without experience and special skills— comments Dmitry Puchkov, Development Director of Avito Works.

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