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Every fourth employer in Crimea responds positively to smilies in resumes

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Most recruiters take smiles and emojis in letters from applicants calmly. In a survey of a high-paying job search service SuperJob representatives of companies and employed Crimeans took part, using instant messengers and chats to communicate on work issues with colleagues and management.

A survey of employer representatives showed that only one in ten of them have a negative attitude towards smileys and emoji in resumes, cover letters and correspondence regarding employment. The majority reacts calmly (59%), one in four reacts positively. 7 out of 10 working Crimeans use emoticons and emojis in correspondence on work matters: 14% often, 58% sometimes. 28% of respondents do not accept such liberties. Men are more likely than women (35 and 21%, respectively). Citizens over 45 are more likely than those who are younger (34 and 22%)— noted in the press service of the service.

The attitude towards emoticons and emoji in work correspondence is mostly neutral (60% of respondents). Every fourth person positively evaluates the presence of emoticons in official messages (“They allow to convey emotions and connotations when it is impossible to see the interlocutor’s facial expression”), only every eleventh person negatively evaluates the presence of emoticons (“Smilies are inappropriate in work matters”).

Men are irritated by emoticons and emojis in work correspondence a little more often than women (14 and 5%, respectively). Respondents with a salary of 80 thousand rubles. — more than those whose earnings are lower (13 and 6%): «Any emoticons are annoying, if they are not old-fag characters like brackets.»

Time: May 5-18, 2023

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