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Expert opinion: what is more profitable — to buy an OSAGO policy or to drive without it?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The network does not subside disputes about the need to buy an OSAGO policy. Although it would seem that there is nothing to discuss here, because OSAGO is a mandatory type of insurance for all car owners, but many, nevertheless, believe that it is much more profitable to just drive carefully and avoid accidents. Together with experts, we figure out what is actually a safer and more profitable option for Russian motorists.

The main argument of OSAGO opponents is that paying a fine of 800 rubles if caught by a traffic police officer, and moving around without insurance is much cheaper than buying a policy for 6,000–7,000 rubles if the car owner has been driving for many years without accidents. However, this does not take into account that during the year of active use of a car, a driver may receive a fine several times, and with the introduction of a photo-video recording system for the presence of OSAGO, such fines can come every day. And this already leaves a solid amount, clearly exceeding the cost of the policy.

Petr Shkumatov, head of the working group of the ONF «Protection of the rights of motorists» confirms:

Soon, driving without an OSAGO policy will become extremely unprofitable, even if the driver does not get into an accident. Even if the amount of the fine for not having a policy is not increased, and fines come in 800 rubles each, they will come every day, and the cost of OSAGO will “run up” in the form of fines for two weeks of such a ride. According to a survey conducted by our working group, we mainly have motorists — these are people who operate a car on a daily, or almost daily basis. Thus, the OSAGO policy will pay off on fines in less than a month for 95% of motorists.

In addition, they talk about the «uselessness» of OSAGO. Allegedly, in the event of an accident, insurance will still not cover the damage, and, therefore, there is no point in buying it. Nevertheless, according to the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), in 2022, 157.3 billion rubles were paid under OSAGO to victims of road accidents due to the fault of insured car owners. In general, the average payment, despite the crisis, increased last year by 10% and amounted to 76,858 rubles, and in December 2022 it amounted to 91,315 rubles. Thanks to the «avtocitizen» it is possible to avoid unnecessary proceedings with the party injured in an accident, including litigation, because the damage is compensated directly by the insurance company.

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Shkumatov explains:

Some kind of event can always happen on the road, when even the most accurate and attentive driver can become the culprit of an accident. And it is quite obvious that if the driver is not insured, then a conflict situation will arise: how to compensate for the damage to the person whose property, and possibly even health, has been damaged? And this is where the benefits of the OSAGO policy come to light, because, as a rule, a person does not have an extra four hundred thousand rubles in his pockets. Even if there is, he is not ready to part with this money. Therefore, a conflict situation immediately arises, courts arise. Therefore, of course, it is much more profitable in terms of saving time, money and nerves to buy an OSAGO policy once a year and not think that in the event of an accident, unpleasant consequences may arise..

OSAGO is a socially significant tool. And therefore, when a car owner decides to “save money” on buying a compulsory motor insurance policy, he not only runs the risk of running into fines and problems with the traffic police, but also puts other road users at risk. Of course, OSAGO cannot protect against accidents, but it guarantees that in the event of an accident, neither the victim nor the culprit will be left alone with the consequences.

source: press office information project OSAGO: public expertise

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