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Experts: OSAGO will remain socially oriented

CrimeaPRESS reports:

For many years, experts in the insurance industry have characterized OSAGO as the most important social project in the Russian Federation. Today, the industry continues to function successfully in the face of geopolitical tensions, remaining an island of stability for motorists in a turbulent world. The autocitizen market is adequately holding up economic blows, and one should not expect any special problems, Alexander Tarnavsky, deputy of the State Duma of the VI convocation, is sure.

In the difficult period our country is going through, some clients of insurance companies naturally have questions about how OSAGO will function in the near future, and will “autocitizenship” services continue to be available for low-income segments of the population? Citizens should remember that OSAGO is, first of all, an integral part of the state program to ensure the availability of insurance services for all categories of the Russian population, which enjoys federal support. In addition, OSAGO is not only the most important, but also the largest social project that has earned the trust of many customers from all over Russia.

I am sure that today’s motor insurance market, including the compulsory auto insurance segment, has already reached a level of maturity when both insurance companies and their clients have a vested interest in maintaining what they have collectively achieved, while not lost in the availability of services. An important role in the development of «avtocitizen» and strengthening the confidence of policyholders in insurers, played the individualization of OSAGO tariffs. This is one of the key reasons why the sector is holding its own, and no particular problems should be expected. Think for yourself, at the end of the 590 year, the average premium actually remained at the level of of the year, amounting to 5 590 rubles . According to the forecasts of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RSA), almost every third domestic driver can receive in 2022 the maximum discount for accident-free driving under OSAGO, which amounted to 54% after the recalculation of the bonus-malus coefficient (MBM) on April 1.

And yet, what is meant by the term «maturity of the insurance market»? For example, even with a high level of automation of all business processes, and the orientation of the market regulator — the Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation towards the transition to the use of electronic policies and the establishment of online claims settlement processes, insurance companies prudently retained the possibility of issuing classic paper policies. The restrained policy of insurers has now played a plus, because everyone has the opportunity to visit the office of the company, where they can buy a policy and arrange an insured event even without the Internet. There will be no social explosion and any problems associated with the availability of services or complaints, even in the event of interruptions in the territory of the Russian Federation with access to the World Wide Web.

The updated reference books for estimating the average cost of spare parts, materials and standard hours of work, which entered into force 19 on March, in accordance with which OSAGO payments are calculated, also contribute to that the average price of a compulsory «autocitizenship» policy remained unchanged. Naturally, the directories contain data on the cost of spare parts for December-January, and they cannot reflect current realities. I am sure that the price jumps will be reflected in the next version of the reference books, which are being worked on by the experts of the RSA and the Central Bank.

In any case, everything I said earlier guarantees the desire of insurers to keep the average cost of OSAGO policies at about the same level at which it has been in the last three years, so that millions of conscientious car owners can still apply for compulsory “autocitizenship” policies at “old” prices.”

Source: press service of the Information Project «OSAGO: public expertise»

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