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Free tours in Simferopol: you will be told about the Crimean gymnasts and fashion during the time of the Scythians

CrimeaPRESS reports:

You must register in advance to take part in the tours.

Simferopol continues the practice of free walking tours. According to Tourist portal of Crimea, the registration for three thematic walks, which will take place on March 4, is already open. Participants will be told about famous gymnasts and the development of sewing in the Crimean capital, and will also be offered to walk with trekking sticks through the historical places of the city.

According to the administration of the Crimean capital, two excursions are dedicated to International Women’s Day. This is “Women in the history of Simferopol. The history of rhythmic gymnastics in Simferopol” and “Women in the history of Simferopol. The history of sewing and modeling. They will be guided by a guide Dina Mulyanova.

The first tour will start on March 4 at 10:00. Participants will be told about famous Crimean gymnasts Ekaterina Serebryanskaya, Anna Rizatdinova, Elena Tkachenko, Ekaterina Pisetskaya, Irina Kobets.

The history of rhythmic gymnastics began 72 years ago in the gymnasium of the Dynamo complex. Our famous sportswomen trained in the Palace of Pioneers. Who were the first gymnasts in the city, what was their fate and who is now training future Olympians — you will hear about this on the tourthe announcement says.

Gathering of the group: at the monument to those killed in Afghanistan on the street. Mendeleev. Duration: 2 hours. To join the tour, you need to register in advance Here.

At 14:00 (also on March 4) the second tour will begin. Participants will learn when sewing was born, how it developed in Simferopol, and who was the first fashion designer. And they will also be told what fashion trends in clothing prevailed in the time of the Scythians. Group gathering: at the monument to Catherine II on the street. Lenina, 2. Duration: 2.5 hours. You must register for the tour in advance. Here.

In addition, on March 4, at 10:00, it will be possible to join the sports and recreation excursion with trekking poles «Deep into the Ages.» She, according to the organizers, will have a healing effect, as well as tell about the history of Simferopol. The route will start on the embankment of the Salgir River, and will end on the territory of the historical and archaeological museum-reserve «Scythian Naples». A guide Natalya Berezutskaya will guide everyone along this path. Group gathering: at the monument to Catherine II on the street. Lenina, 2. Duration: 2 hours. Tour registration available Here.

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