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Here it is: the Crimeans told which of the famous movie characters they would like to see as the boss

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Charisma and patriotism: Gleb Zheglov and Max Otto von Stirlitz are the most desirable leaders. SuperJob, a high-paying job search service, learned from Crimeans which of the famous movie and TV characters they would like to see as their boss. Economically active citizens took part in the open survey.

The first place in the rating of ideal leaders is shared by Gleb Zheglov from «The meeting place cannot be changed» and Max Otto von Stirlitz — the protagonist of the film «Seventeen Moments of Spring» (7% of the votes each). Tony Stark from Iron Man and Doctor House from the series of the same name scored 4% each, Lyudmila Kalugina from Office Romance, Sherlock Holmes and Batman from the film adaptations of the same name and Roman Shilov from Cop Wars each got 3%.

The following heroes of films and TV shows won 2% of the votes: Jack Sparrow (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), James Bond (various Bond series), Miranda Priestley (“The Devil Wears Prada”), Andrey Evgenievich Bykov (“Interns” ), Katerina Tikhomirova (“Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”), Terminator, Steve Rogers (“Captain America”), Jordan Belfort (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Ostap Bender (“The Twelve Chairs”), Maria Sergeevna Shvetsova (“ Secrets of the Investigation»), Albus Dumbledore («Harry Potter»), Comrade Sukhov («White Sun of the Desert»), Oleg Evgenievich Fomin («Fizruk»), Galina Nikolaevna Rogozina («Trace»), Grisha Izmailov («Policeman from Rublyovka» ), Yuri Mukhomor Petrenko («Streets of Broken Lights»), Afonya, Harley Quinn («Suicide Squad»), Tony Sopranno («The Sopranos») and Deadpool.

Men more often than women see Gleb Zheglov and Roman Shilov as their ideal leader. Women would love to work under the guidance of Lyudmila Prokofievna and Sherlock Holmes.

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Time: April 28 — May 4, 2023

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