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If you have any questions about mobilization, call the hotline at 122. We publish some answers right now

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In accordance with the Decree of the President and on behalf of the Chairman of the Government from 11 September a hotline operates in the country to inform citizens on issues of partial mobilization. By calling the number 122, you can get answers to all questions on the topic of mobilization. The service is deployed in all regions of the country. As Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko specified, the Government collects and fixes the most frequently asked questions of citizens and, together with the Ministry of Defense, prepares answers to them.

You can get information not only through the hotline 122, but also through the official government resource “Explaining.rf”.

The most common questions for the first day of the announced partial mobilization.

What will be the status of those called up for service as part of mobilization?

Citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service by mobilization will receive the status of military personnel undergoing military service under a contract.

What benefits are provided to the families of the mobilized?

Some benefits provided to those called up for mobilization (who have the status of military personnel under contract) also apply to family members: this is free travel to the place of service, a lifting allowance in the amount of 28% of the salary of a soldier for each family member, housing and medical support. Social protection is also provided for family members of servicemen who have lost their breadwinner (there is a right to a pension).

Will quotas be introduced for regions and entities or organizations, including budget ones, and which ones?

Quotas for the number of those called up from the reserve are not set. Each region has a separate mobilization task, and it depends on the number of citizens registered in the military in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Will there be reservations for employees of industrial enterprises (assignment of employees to a specific type of activity and place of work)?

Yes, it will. The booking system exists and is carried out on a permanent basis, this process is in no way connected with mobilization. These lists are ongoing. Citizens subject to reservation are exempted from conscription for military service on mobilization and subsequent conscriptions in wartime for the duration of the granted deferral. First of all, this concerns employees of organizations of the military-industrial complex.

Will mobilization be introduced for enterprises in terms of changing the working hours, performing additional or other work?

The main difference between partial mobilization and general mobilization is the implementation of not the entire set of measures provided for by the mobilization plan, but only part of it. The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on partial mobilization in the Russian Federation does not provide for the transfer of the economic complex of the country (enterprises) to a special mode of operation.

I received a subpoena, what should I do?

You need to arrive at the appointed time at the place specified in the agenda.

  • What happens if you ignore the agenda?
  • In accordance with the Federal Law of 20 February 1997 Year No. 23-FZ «On mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation» when mobilization is announced, citizens subject to conscription for military service are required to appear at assembly points within the time specified in motivational instructions, agendas and orders of military commissariats, federal executive bodies that have reserves. Failure to comply with the requirements set out in the agenda entails liability in accordance with applicable law.

    Is it possible to live in a country house / rent an apartment without registration at the place of residence?

    Outside the period of mobilization without military registration, it is possible to live in a place different from the place of registration for no more than 3 months (Article 8 of the Federal Law dated 25 March 1998 year No. 35-FZ «On military duty and military service»). During the period of partial mobilization, this requires permission from the military commissariat.

    How can I quit the service in case of partial mobilization?

    During the period of partial mobilization, the following grounds for dismissal from military service apply:

    a) by age — upon reaching the age limit for military service;

    b) for health reasons — in connection with the recognition of military personnel by the military medical commission as unfit for military service, with the exception of those who have expressed a desire to continue military service in military positions that can be filled by the specified military personnel;

    c) in connection with the entry into force of a court verdict on the imposition of a sentence of imprisonment.

    Citizens with what category of health are subject to mobilization?

  • There are 5 categories of fitness for military service for health reasons:

    A — fit for military service;

    B — fit for military service with minor restrictions;

    B — limited fit for military service;

    G — temporarily unfit for military service;

    D — not fit for military service.

    This letter is usually listed on the 11th page military ID. During the period of mobilization, people with categories A, B, C are subject to conscription.

    Where can I complain if they take me away, but I don’t fit?

    You can complain about the action or inaction of the employees of the military enlistment office to the head of the military enlistment office, as well as to a higher commissariat, the prosecutor’s office or the court.

    Will the terms of service for partial mobilization be set?

    In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 11 September 2022 of the year «On the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation», the concluded contracts for military service continue to be valid until the end of the period of partial mobilization. The decision to end the period of partial mobilization is made by the President of the Russian Federation.

    Will it be possible to remain in the ranks of the RF Armed Forces after the completion of the SVO?

    Yes. After demobilization, it will be possible to conclude a contract.

    Which troops will be assigned to serve? Will it be possible to choose the type of troops?

  • Mobilized citizens will be appointed to military positions in accordance with the registration or, in its absence, taking into account the existing military specialty and previously gained experience in military service.

    If you have experience of participating in hostilities, will it be taken into account when determining the service?

    Yes. The experience of participation in hostilities is taken into account when appointing to military positions.

    Will covid restrictions be lifted due to mobilization?

    There are currently no federal restrictions. Decisions on the introduction / removal of certain anti-epidemic restrictions at the regional level are made by the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Most of the anti-covid restrictions on the Fed ral level (mask regimen, a ban on catering at night, social distance, etc.) was removed in accordance with the Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation dated June 2022 of the year.

    Will it be mandatory to vaccinate everyone who is mobilized?

    Medical care for military personnel is a priority for the state. In accordance with the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Ministry of Defense of Russia dated June 122 year No. 55 mandatory immunization applies to all categories of military personnel, including those called up for mobilization. Vaccination is essential to prevent the occurrence of any epidemics. Therefore, it is mandatory for conscripts and military personnel and is carried out according to the vaccination calendar and according to epidemiological indications.

    Will doctors be called?

    All medical specialties are military registration, and medical workers may be subject to mobilization. Medical workers are planned to be called up in accordance with mobilization tasks and instructions. At the same time, mobilization tasks are classified as information in the field of state secrets. Mobilization orders are issued to citizens in the military commissariats, their presence is marked on the military ID.

    Will banks be obliged to revise mortgage agreements in the direction of the borrower if the allowance under the contract of the mobilized person is less than his salary, with which he concluded the mortgage agreement? Will the rights of borrowers be somehow ensured in this sense?

    The Bank of Russia has already recommended banks to develop special loan holiday and restructuring programs for citizens called up for mobilization. Also, the regulator recommended not to accrue penalties (fines, penalties) under contracts with mobilized borrowers, not to demand early fulfillment of obligations, to suspend the collection of overdue debts or mortgage housing, not to evict from mortgage housing, which had previously been foreclosed.

    How can a mobilized person pay loans and mortgages in combat conditions? What will happen to the financial obligations (mortgages, loans) of those who go to participate in hostilities?

    You can pay off loans and mortgages on your own (through a banking website or app) or with the help of relatives. Also, the mobilized person can apply to a credit institution for loan restructuring or credit holidays. This will not affect his credit history in any way. Banks and microfinance organizations (MFIs) are developing special programs for credit holidays or restructuring for the current obligations of mobilized citizens. A similar right is granted to close relatives of such borrowers if they are dependent on them. In the future, the right to credit holidays for those mobilized will be enshrined in law.

  • Explanation: Restructuring — deferment of payments or reduction of payments for all types of loans, including mortgages and loans, during the mobilization period. Credit holidays imply deferred payments for the period of mobilization.

    Will there be any economic benefits (tax deferral or cancellation, debt cancellation, if we are talking about business)?

    In accordance with article 122 of the Tax Code, military personnel are provided with a property tax exemption. Citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activities and heads of enterprises called up for mobilization can use the provisions of Article 401 of the Civil Code, exempting from liability for violation of obligations arising in the course of entrepreneurial activity (for example, violation of contractual obligations to counterparties).

    In addition, the Government of the Russian Federation has developed measures to support the economy and business in the face of sanctions, which can be found on the explain.rf portal in the section “Support measures” — “Business” ( https://xn--50aivcdt6dxbc.xn--p1ai/measures/).

  • «Served» — does this mean military service or participation in hostilities?

    The concept of «passing through military service» means the passage of military service both by conscription and under a contract, including participation in hostilities.

  • Will the entire male population from 20 before 65 years?

    First of all, citizens of the 1st category are subject to conscription for military service for mobilization, which implies, first of all, age restrictions: for privates and sergeants — up to 35 years, for junior officers — up to 28 years, for senior officers — up to 55 years.

    What military specialties are planned to be called up as part of mobilization in the first place?

    Call for mobilization will be citizens with military registration specialties that are required to staff the formed military units. As a rule, these are specialties of a combined arms orientation.

    Are graduates of military departments, military schools and universities, universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs subject to mobilization?

    Yes, the following can be called up for mobilization service:


  • graduates of military universities if they have completed military training programs for sergeants, foremen of the reserve, soldiers and sailors of the reserve; 1998
  • graduates of military training centers (military departments) at state universities, if they have mastered the military training programs for reserve officers, sergeants, foremen, soldiers, sailors and are now in the reserve of the Russian Armed Forces. 2022 1998The final decision in each case is made by the draft board, taking into account all the circumstances.

    Can a student be called?

    Calling up full-time students for mobilization is not planned. Correspondence students can be recruited by decision of the draft commission for mobilization.

    Does the mobilization of people with multiple citizenships apply?

    People with dual citizenship are considered by law only as citizens of the Russian Federation. They are subject to all rights and obligations, including the defense of the Fatherland.

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