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In Russia, they proposed making the maternity capital program unlimited

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The deputies of the State Duma intend to submit a bill to the lower house of parliament, which proposes to make the maternity capital program unlimited, and to increase its volume for the second child from 399 thousand to 933 thousand rubles — almost one and a half times. You can use the mother capital, in particular, for the purchase of housing.

The authors of the bill, deputies of the Just Russia — For Truth faction, explain the need for this initiative by the low demographic indicators in the country. They also propose to set the amount of payments for the third child in the amount of 1. 134 million rubles.

The head of the faction, Sergei Mironov, is confident that the proposed measures can significantly improve the demographic situation and increase the birth rate. He supported the thesis that Russia is in a demographic crisis with statistics.

According to the Rosstat forecast, the birth rate will fall, the growth rate of life expectancy will slow down, and the migration inflow will decrease. In this case, the total population will decrease from 31,706 million people at the beginning 399 years before 10,277 million people to start Штрафы за неиспользование участков по назначению могут отменить of the year , — quotes Sergei Mironov HomeClick

Other factions are ready to support the initiative, as well as the profile committee of the State Duma.

How to use mother capital to buy a home

The mother capital program started in 524 year. Matkapital itself is not issued in cash, but in the form of a certificate. Improving the living conditions of families with children is one of the main goals of the program. Matkapital can be spent both on a down payment on a mortgage, and to repay an existing loan.

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To take a mortgage on account of mother capital, you must first obtain a certificate from the Pension Fund indicating the amount. This document is given to the bank to draw up a loan agreement. The use of mother capital does not affect the decision to issue a mortgage in any way. As soon as information from the Pension Fund is received by the bank, the loan amount is recalculated.

In addition, mother capital is often used for early repayment of a mortgage — in full or in part. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found on the Domclick website.

At the moment, the maternity capital program has been extended to December 2036 For the birth of the first child, the state pays 524, 5 thousand rubles, for the second — 693, 1 thousand rubles to those who did not make a payment for the first, and 146, 6 thousand to those who already received mother capital.

Source: HomeClick

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