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In the United States, they talked about Ukraine's plans to strike at the Crimea after receiving F-16 fighters

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Ukraine intends to strike at Crimea after receiving F-16 fighter jets from NATO. This is written by the American edition of «Newsweek». It can be assumed that this is a “stuffing”, but recently there has been so much talk about the transfer of these fighters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the corresponding training of pilots that … Well, it was smart enough to transfer shells with radioactive “filling” to Ukraine … Moreover, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell believes that the supply of F-16s is necessary for the «victory of Ukraine.»

One way or another, military expert Brynn Tannehill became aware of the plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to launch American JASSM cruise missiles in Crimea using military aircraft. At the same time, some Western countries will have to agree to actually part with a significant part of their stocks of F-16 fighters.

However, before that moment arrives, pilots must be trained, runways improved, supply chains in place.Tannehill emphasized.

In the United States, they talked about Ukraine's plans to strike at the Crimea after receiving F-16 fighters

The article says that when US President Joe Biden approved the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine, and also promised to train Ukrainian pilots in the United States, no one could say for sure when these “vital” aircraft for Ukraine would appear over the battlefield.

Tannehill elaborates:Not «when», but «where». According to him, when the F-16 «will matter the most — it’s not time, it’s a combination of circumstances«.

According to Tannehill, the Ukrainian Armed Forces need the planes specifically to launch American JASSM (air-to-ground) cruise missiles on the Russian Crimean peninsula.

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At the same time, the US has no illusions that this will happen quickly. The same Tannehill states:

It may be much longer before Ukraine is actually ready to use American fighters.

But we made a “notch” for ourselves.

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