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January 2 — Day of John of Kronstadt and Ignatius the God-bearer. Take care of the house

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On this day, they began to prepare for the celebration of Christmas. Housewives cleaned houses, stocked up on food, painted furniture and walls. In addition, they learned carols, songs, sewed carnival costumes.

The church now honors the memory of John of Kronstadt, an Orthodox saint who lived in the 19th century. Also on this day they pray to St. Ignatius the God-bearer. In honor of these saints, prayers are served in churches and religious processions are organized.

In addition, in the old days on this day they walked around the village with icons to protect houses from evil, crop failure, hunger and other troubles. And to protect their home, they bowed to him in the belt. The same reverence was shown on this day to other premises in the courtyard: barns, buildings for animals, storage of household and agricultural utensils. Great importance was attached to the house, here a person was born, grew up. The house kept all the family traditions.

Signs of the day:

  • There is a long tradition on this day to shake off snow from trees and bushes. The more snow you shake off, the more harvest you will get in summer and autumn! Particular attention was paid to apple trees. January 2 was considered “apple day.”
  • Hoarfrost on the trees — to clear weather.
  • The starry sky foreshadowed a harvest year.
  • Tits chirp loudly — to a protracted cold.
  • What is the weather on John of Kronstadt, August will be like that. If it is clear and frosty outside, the end of summer will be hot, if slush, rain or blizzard — cold and inclement.
  • Those born on this day are recommended to wear jewelry as a talisman with tourmaline. This stone is able to protect from any trouble, protect from the evil eye and damage, give health and longevity.
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And one more thing: on January 2, the Advent fast continued. And if on January 1 food with vegetable oil was allowed, then on this day the church recommends adhering to a dry diet. That is, eat only raw vegetables and fruits.

Name days are celebrated today: Ivan, Ignatius, Daniel.

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