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June 27 — Day of Elisha Grechkosey. Dragonflies talk about the weather

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Why Grechkosey? Because 27 June our ancestors continued to sow buckwheat. At the same time, we were very hopeful that it would rain. If the sky was «greedy» and did not give showers, so necessary for the pouring seedlings, then they whipped nettles on Elisha, knocking out the burning juice from it. They believed that the nettle juice that splashed on the sky would surely burn the firmament and immediately the blessed rain would fall.

And on this day it was customary to consecrate clothes. It was believed that the person who wears it will be happy throughout the year. They did the same with the clothes that were inherited or given as a gift. It was customary to perform the ritual only with things that were bought after the New Year and worn no more than 3 times. It was also possible June to consecrate outfits in which people felt uncomfortable.

The Church today honors the memory of the holy prophet Elisha. He lived in IX BC. Glorious for being a disciple and servant of the prophet Elijah, was present during his ascension to heaven. They also talked about the prophecies of Elisha under all four kings of Israel. Elisha, according to legend, performed a large number of miracles, in particular, resurrected the dead.

As for the weather signs:

  • Rainy day 27 June — to seven weeks of severe bad weather with rain.
  • A lot of midges and mosquitoes — to a good harvest of berries.
  • The scoop starts laying eggs — the rains begin.
  • The ducks quieted down — to a thunderstorm.
  • Kites soar in the sky — to good weather.
  • By noon thick black clouds will appear — it will rain in the evening.
  • Frogs jump on land — to rain.
  • Flashes in the sky began to play — the weather will change.
  • The silver tune of the finch rings loudly — to good weather.
  • The stars in June seem brilliant — to the heat, twinkle strongly — to a thunderstorm, fall — to the wind.
  • Before the bad weather, dragonflies chirp louder than usual.
  • The pika (haystack) wears wide leaves with which it closes its stacks — wait for bad weather.
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Name days are celebrated today by: George, Pavel, Joseph, Nikolai, Vladimir, Alexander.

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