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June 4th is Basilisk Day. Love magic, they say, now has a special power

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This day was also popularly called Cornflower Day, St. Vassa’s Day, Nightingale’s Day. In addition, on June 4, our ancestors honored Yarila, the god of nature and life-giving forces. It was believed that now love magic, which is used to attract the betrothed and achieve family well-being, has special power. They danced round birch trees, decorated tree branches with bright ribbons, lit fires and asked Yarilo to send them love and happiness.

The Church now honors the memory of the martyr Basilisk, who in 308 year suffered for his faith in Christ, because he did not want to sacrifice to the pagan gods. As a result, he was beheaded.

In Russia, on June 4, they tried not to sow anything and not to leave for arable land. Otherwise, only cornflowers will grow, they didn’t go out into the gardens either — otherwise only wormwood will be born. Nevertheless, the people loved cornflowers very much and affectionately called blue flowers, cyanosis, blavat, hair, patchwork. The flower, according to legend, got its name in honor of a young guy, the only son of his mother, Vasil, who was bewitched and killed by a mermaid. Carried away by her in the field, he turned into a blue flower, reminiscent of deep water in its color.

As for weather signs, then:

  • Heavy fog and heavy dew on Basilisk portend a harvest year.
  • The birds sing merrily — for good weather.
  • The north wind will disperse the rain.
  • The stars on the sky shine dimly and at the same time shimmer in a reddish or bright blue color? To the rain.
  • Black circles appeared around the stars — to bad weather.
  • Fog often appears — a mushroom summer will stand out.
  • Do you hear nightingale singing in the middle of the night? It will definitely be dry in the coming days. , Donat, Zakhar, Ivan, Makar, Pavel, Fedor, Yakov.
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