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KFU doctors know what are the causes of memory impairment

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Today, memory impairment occurs in people at any age. They can be caused by various diseases, as well as fatigue or stress. Marianna Pekelis, a neurologist of the highest category of the Clinical Medical Multidisciplinary Center of St. Luke of the Crimean Federal University, told about when it is necessary to see a doctor and how to prevent memory deterioration. According to the neurologist, memory impairment can serve both as a signal of the body about the development of serious diseases, and that a person needs a simple rest. Fatigue, lack of sleep, or trouble at work can cause distraction.

From time to time, concentration and memory disturbances are noted by many people. This can be caused by stress, fear and anxiety. Then you need to try to assess your psychological state and try to help yourself. Many scales of anxiety and depression are available on the Internet in terms of describing stress. You can try to independently assess your condition and understand what comes first — memory impairment or anxiety.— the press service of the university quotes Marianna Pekelis.

In addition, diseases such as traumatic brain injury, vascular accidents, strokes, heart attacks, previous anesthesia, neuroinfections, or post-covid syndrome can lead to memory impairment. Also, long-term use of antidepressants and sedatives without a doctor’s prescription can lead to problems with memory and concentration.

At a young age, alcohol and coffee can lead to memory impairment. So, for example, energy drinks and smoking disrupt the blood supply to the cerebral cortex.says the doctor.

According to her, it is necessary to turn to a specialist if episodes of the recent past disappear from the memory, confusion with days and hours occurs, false memories appear on a regular basis, and there is a decrease in productivity.

The main “disease” of our time is gadgets. We do not let them out of our hands even during rest, which does not allow the brain to fully unload. In addition, the level of communication between people decreases, which leads to a reduction in vocabulary and a transition to clip thinking.says Marianna Pekelis.

The specialist recommends getting rid of bad habits, adjusting nutrition and observing the daily routine, as well as constantly learning something new to keep your memory in good shape: listen to music, lectures, improve hand motor skills, learn poems, foreign languages, sew and embroider.

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source: KFU press service

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