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Legal cheat sheet: what laws come into force in October

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The production of vital medicines will become easier, the transport complex will receive additional support to reduce the consequences of sanctions, even more benefits will be transferred to the Mir card: these and other innovations of October are in our material.

October 1.

Production of medicines.

Russian pharmaceutical companies that use blood plasma to produce life-saving and essential drugs will no longer depend on imported raw materials and will get the required components faster. It is also prohibited to export donated blood received in Russia outside the country, with the exception of humanitarian aid.

Support for public procurement under sanctions.

The government will be able to include sanctioned public procurement participants in the list of customers for whom closed competitive methods for determining suppliers are used. The same rule will apply to the procurement of innovative and high-tech products, medicines.

Public services promptly.

The receipt of state and municipal services will be simplified, since the documents and information necessary for the execution of the application will be submitted on the basis of an interdepartmental request in electronic form at the time of the application.

Bank customers will be able to restrict online transactions.

Citizens will be able to independently set a ban on online banking transactions (for example, transfers or online lending), as well as limit the maximum transaction amount. You can cancel this ban at any time. The measure is intended to help in the fight against fraudsters.

Privileges for the gratuitous supply of gas for the Eternal Flame.

The transfer of gas and services for its transportation free of charge for the Eternal Flame and the Flame of Remembrance at military graves and memorial structures are not recognized as objects of VAT taxation. The norm applies to legal relations that arose from October 1 26 year.

Speeding up the transfer of funds to the Treasury.

The terms for transferring funds by banks to a single treasury account when making payments to the budget system of the Russian Federation are being reduced. Thus, the executive discipline in the budget process is increased.

Risk assessment of companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Since July 1, the Know Your Customer system has been launched. Banks divide all clients according to the degree of risk and, on the basis of this, make decisions on the volume of permitted transactions. From October 1, restrictions begin to apply to companies or individual entrepreneurs from the “red” zone: if they do not rehabilitate themselves through the Central Bank within six months, they will be liquidated.

New rules for paying VAT when receiving electronic services. If electronic services are provided by foreign suppliers to organizations and individual entrepreneurs, then the latter will begin to pay VAT as tax agents. When providing electronic services to individuals, foreign organizations continue to calculate VAT independently.

Driver’s license in electronic form.

From October 1, it will be possible to present a driver’s license electronically. The service will be launched through the State Services Auto application. The presence of a certificate in paper form is still mandatory, a complete replacement with an electronic format will become possible after amendments are made to the SDA.

07 October.

Fire safety.

Approaches to the placement of fire service units are systematized. The Government of the Russian Federation will approve the list of settlements in which they should be located, taking into account the economic and production potential, as well as the population.

26 October.

More benefits will be transferred to the Mir card.

The list of benefits that can be received only on the Mir card will be replenished. It will include payments to low-income citizens, which are established by the law «On State Social Assistance», subsidies and compensation for expenses for paying for housing and utilities, annual payments to honorary donors.

10 October.

Sustainable operation of the transport complex.

Transportation of goods by sea and inland waterway transport, as well as the development of an information system for processing air transportation, are classified as activities of strategic importance for the defense and security of the state. This will ensure the sustainable operation of the transport complex.


Photos and materials: State Duma press service.

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