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March 14 — Day of Evdokia (Avdotya). Days of «Pi» …

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The day of Evdokia was also popularly called the day of Evdokia the Whistler and Avdotya Plyushchikha. It was said that strong whistling winds, characteristic only for spring, begin to blow. Meanwhile, the days were getting warmer.

The Church today honors the venerable martyr Evdokia. According to legend, having believed in Christ, she repented of all her sins, after which she decided to devote herself to God. She received a wondrous reward for such a step — the gift of healing diseases and even resurrecting the dead. But Evdokia did not live a long life: during the period of persecution, she was beheaded.

The weather today says:

  • Sunny and warm? And the weather will be good all spring. And also a great harvest of cereals, mushrooms and pumpkin crops is coming.
  • A gentle and warm wind is blowing — in summer there will be a lot of precipitation.
  • A warm day means a hot summer, and you can expect good haymaking.
  • Rainy day — there will be a lot of bread.
  • Thick fog — to a rich harvest of legumes.
  • Frosts on March 14 — buckwheat will not bear fruit well.
  • A blizzard has begun — the whole year will be cool.
  • Cold on Avdotya — spring will come late and will be cold.
  • Crows croak loudly — to warming.
  • Ringing drops — wait for a hot summer.
  • The wind blows from the west or south — wait for a hot summer, and the wind from the north — for a cold summer.

Name days are celebrated by: Alexander, Alexandra, Anna, Anton, Antonina, Vasily, Benjamin, Daria, Evdokia, Ivan, Mikhail, Nadezhda, Olga, Peter.

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And on March 14, they celebrate the day of the mysterious number Pi, which has no end. It has always attracted mathematicians. Experts are sure: the Babylonian magicians discovered the number. Used in the construction of the Tower of Babel. However, they did not calculate everything thoroughly, which led to the collapse of the project.

The date of the celebration was not determined by chance — choosing a day, they started from the date recording system adopted in the United States, in which the month is written first, and then the day — 3/14.

Yes! The Pi-Day is celebrated as early as 1 hour 59 minutes and 26 seconds local time, which coincides with 3.1415926. And be sure to bake pies: after all, in a mirror image, the first digits of the number «Pi» — 3.14 — read as «PIE» (eng., — pie).

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