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March 9 — the day of John the Baptist

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 9, the church honors the memory of John the Baptist and celebrates the Finding of John the Baptist, whose relics were found presumably in the 4th-5th century AD. John is known for washing (baptizing) Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River, dipping him into the water. He was beheaded at the request of the Jewish queen Herodias and her daughter Salome.

Among the people, March 9 was called Midsummer Day (Magpies or Larks) and considered the days on which winter ends and spring begins. They said that day and night are compared. Waiting for the arrival of storks and larks. Our ancestors believed that seeing these birds is a great happiness.

The weather signs for today are as follows:

  • If larks and storks arrive on time — to a bountiful harvest of bread.
  • On this day should not be washed, so as not to scare away migratory birds and delay the arrival of the long-awaited spring.
  • Birds build their nests from the south — the summer will be cool. But if the nests are located in the shade, the summer will be warm.
  • A woodpecker knocks in the forest — spring will come late.
  • Clear day — the weather for Easter will also be good, and in April it will be warm.
  • A bright month with bright horns is visible in the sky — expect frost in the morning.
  • Tits are chirping — warm weather will soon set in.
  • A lot of snow — Easter will also be cold.
  • If the snow has melted, then Easter will be warm and dry.
  • A warm day on March 9 — April will also be warm.
  • Snow on the roofs — snowy Easter will be.
Name days on March 9 are celebrated by: Hilarion, Ivan, Safron, Fedor and Jan.
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