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May 13 — Day of the Apostle Jacob the Star. Are you planning a wedding?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

May ended the period of matchmaking. From that moment on, the lovers began to prepare for the wedding. Why was it so and not otherwise? Because the last month of spring was considered by the people to be very unfortunate for couples. They said: «You will toil all your life.» This rule was strictly followed in Russia.

The Church now honors the memory of the Apostle James, who is mentioned in the New Testament. He is also the elder brother of John the Theologian. The Gospel contains a description of how the Lord called James and John to the ministry. Christ called the brothers «sons of thunder», apparently for their impulsive nature. Examples of their sincere fervor and burning in faith are mentioned more than once in the Gospel. After the Ascension of Christ, the apostles went to preach in different parts of the world. The death of the Apostle James is mentioned on the pages of the New Testament. According to legend, he was captured and executed on a denunciation in the forty-fourth year.

Folk signs for today:

  • A lot of juice flows from a birch — in the summer we will have a lot of rain.
  • At night 13 There are a lot of stars in May, and a warm wind blows from the south? Summer will be productive and very warm.
  • There is no wind at night, and there are many stars in the sky — you should expect drought in the summer.
  • A clear sunrise in May — at a fruitful summer.
  • The sun is covered in the East by clouds — it will be rainy for haymaking.
  • Warm and rainy weather — to a good harvest of bread.
  • The south wind blows — to a fertile and warm summer.
  • A quiet and warm wind promises a fertile summer.
  • There are no stars May — to rain.
  • There are clouds, the sky is frowning, but the dandelions remained open? It won’t rain.
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Name days are celebrated today: Ignatius, Vasily, Maxim, Nikita, Ephraim, Yakov, Donat and Clement.

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