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May 27 is the day of Sidor the Borage. Everything, summer is set

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People noticed that after Sidor-borage, truly summer weather sets in. By May 27, the north wind gradually stopped, and the people said: «All the winds of the siver will depart.»

On this day, cucumbers were planted in open ground. There was a sign: they hung out a wet rag at night, and in the morning they looked to see if it was dry. If the rag remained wet, then you can count on a rich harvest of cucumbers, and vice versa.

The Church today honors the memory of the Holy Martyr Isidore. He lived in the 3rd century on the island of Chios, originally from Alexandria. He served in the troops of the Roman Empire, in the regiment of the commander Numerius. According to the centurion’s denunciation that Isidore was a Christian, he was presented for interrogation to Numerius, where he confessed his faith and refused to sacrifice to idols. During the tortures, he praised Christ God and blasphemed pagan idols. The commander ordered the saint’s tongue to be cut off, but even after that he continued to clearly glorify Christ. Isidore met his death sentence with joy and said: “I praise You, my Lord, that You, by Your mercy, accept me into Your heavenly villages!” The death of the martyr occurred in 251.

Signs for May 27:

  • Cold weather? Summer will also be cold.
  • Swifts have arrived — warm days ahead
  • Swallows fly high in the sky — to warm and sunny weather. If these birds are circling low, it will rain soon.
  • «Water» clouds are visible in the red sky — the weather in the coming days will be rainy and changeable.
  • In the morning, juice came out on maple leaves — in the evening it will rain.
  • Quail sings — to clear weather.
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Birthdays are celebrated today: Isidore, Leonty, Nikita.

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