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New geopolitical meanings are being selected for Crimea. For example, African

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimea can become a full-fledged transshipment base for African countries if the new Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation, which Russian President Vladimir Putin approved on Friday. In this case, the volume of trade through the peninsula will multiply, this opinion was expressed by TASS Sergei Tsekov, member of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council.

Now a world in which the Europeans and Americans forbid the supply of much-needed food and fertilizer to African countries. If everything was normal in the world, and I hope that everything will be fine thanks to this concept, then Crimea can play a very serious role in terms of a transshipment base for the supply of grain, fertilizers and food to Africa. We have a very good infrastructure for this. Good access roads, ports are ready for cargo transportation. We have great potential in this regard.Tsekov said.

He added that the concept does not offer a solution to the problems in the near future, but when it is implemented, the peninsula can play a significant role.

In the current conditions, we send both grain and fertilizers to a number of countries through the Crimean ports, but if the concept is implemented, this volume may increase by several times.— said Tsekov.

The new concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation was approved on Friday by a decree of President Vladimir Putin. In particular, it speaks of Russia’s intention to contribute to the further development of Africa as an original and influential center of world development. At the same time, it is planned to increase the volume of trade and investment with African states.

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