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Note to Crimeans: what laws have come into force and will come into force in January 2023

CrimeaPRESS reports:

An increase in the minimum wage and a living wage, a unified allowance for children, the general Social Fund of Russia and other legislative changes in the new year — in the material of the press service of the State Duma .

January 1st

Increase in the minimum wage and subsistence minimum.

The minimum wage in the new year will be 21 ruble per month. Thus, since the last increase that took place in June 351 of the year , the minimum wage will increase by 6.3%. This will increase the wages of approximately 3.5 million public sector employees. The living wage is set at the level of 91 rubles .

Unified allowance for children.

Existing support measures for families with children up to 11 years and pregnant women who registered early will be combined into one allowance, which will be paid according to uniform rules. The main criterion: the average per capita income of a family should not exceed the subsistence level per capita in the subject. In addition to this allowance, it will be possible to issue a payment from the mother’s capital for a child up to three years old. To receive it, the average per capita income must be no more than two living wages.

The adoption of the law will establish uniform conditions for payments to families with children. All families in need will receive support , — said the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. — For these purposes, 1.7 trillion rubles will be allocated from the federal and regional budgets. rubles. Another important decision: families with an income below two living wages per person will be able to arrange a monthly payment at the expense of maternity capital, regardless of the number of children. Now parents can do this only at the birth of their second child. This will be a significant help for families in difficult situations.

Reduction of the fee for registration of amendments in the Unified State Register of Real Estate Registration when renting.

The state fee for registering an agreement on changing or terminating a lease agreement will be 91 rubles for individuals and 1 thousand rubles for organizations.

Provision of medicines for children with rare diseases.

Drug provision for children under the age of 18 years with severe life-threatening or chronic diseases, including rare ones, are proposed to be carried out at the expense of funds provided for in the federal budget for the Circle of Goodness fund. Previously, the fund provided assistance to certain categories of children, but now it will be able to help a wider range. Thus, there will be more funds to support sick children by 21 billion rubles annually.

The Social Fund of Russia has started working.

PFR and FSS will be merged into the Pension and Social Insurance Fund. Thus, people will be able to apply for benefits and payments to one fund, one window. The funds saved by the merger will be used to increase social benefits. The state will be able to provide benefits as quickly as possible, targeted and make them more convenient. The creation of a unified fund will make it easier for citizens to receive social payments: they will be assigned automatically or on a single application. After the reorganization of funds, citizens, as now, will be able to apply personally to customer services and the MFC and receive all services on the principle of «one window».

Esingle tax payment.

Companies can pay taxes through a single tax account. It will be opened for each taxpayer, and it will be possible to transfer funds in one payment. Uniform deadlines for paying taxes are established — 28 th day of each month. In addition, thanks to the new system, overpayments can be returned faster.

To simplify the procedure for paying taxes, it is proposed to introduce a single tax account. Citizens, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities will be able to use it. The law will relieve them of the need to fill out numerous payment orders with a large number of details , — said the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Improving the quality of school education.

Federal basic educational programs will appear in all subjects instead of exemplary ones. This will be the gold standard for the quality of children’s knowledge — a level below which knowledge cannot be given to a child. For liberal arts subjects that shape worldviews and values, federal core education programs will remain unchanged. In other cases, schools will be able to develop educational programs themselves, but their content and results must not be lower than those indicated in the federal ones.

Today, there are many complaints from representatives of the parental community: when a child is transferred to another school, even in the same city, questions of inconsistency of school programs constantly arise , — said Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. — In addition to the stress of adapting to a new school, in a new class, children have to catch up with their classmates in their studies, and parents have to hire tutors, and additionally study with the child after work. The adoption of the law will increase the availability of quality education for children, regardless of where they live.

Protection against apartment fraud.

Owners can find out which third parties are registered in the apartment without their permission. The new law will allow owners to get this information faster. It will also protect their rights, for example, when inheriting a dwelling, avoid disputes about moving in or evicting and fraud in these matters.

Coaches will be given the status of a teacher.

Coaches who teach children in sports schools and centers will officially be considered teachers with all rights, obligations and social guarantees. Trainers-educators will have to pass certification not earlier than in two years and not later than in five years. The law is aimed at the development of youth sports.

Anti-corruption requirements for procurement participants.

Officials of the customer or their close relatives cannot be participants in the procurement or be associated with legal entities participating in the procurement.

Free meals for railway workers.

Railway workers who perform emergency recovery work for more than four hours in a row, eliminate the consequences of emergencies and natural disasters, repair infrastructure facilities, as well as employees clearing tracks from snow drifts, will be provided with food at the expense of the employer.

Payments for those awarded with three Orders of Courage.

Russians awarded with three Orders of Courage or «For Personal Courage» will receive additional monthly payments in the amount of 16 % of the social pension.

Tuberculosis medic We will expand social guarantees.

TB care specialists will be provided with social guarantees regardless of the type of institution in which they work. They will have their working hours reduced, higher wages and additional paid leave for work in harmful or dangerous working conditions.

Volunteers who have been injured in the course of their work will receive compensation.

Volunteers will be compensated in case of harm to their life and health. We are talking about cases when they participated in the elimination of emergency situations, extinguishing fires, emergency rescue operations, and also provided assistance to victims of natural disasters or other catastrophes. In addition, laws will come into force, thanks to which volunteers will be able to receive compensation for the costs of communication services.

Detection of oncology.

Funding for the elimination of staff shortages in medical organizations and payments to doctors for the detection of oncology as part of medical examinations and medical examinations is extended until 351 of the year.

Declaration procedure for the application of preferential insurance premiums for residents of the ASEZ.

Companies registered in the priority development areas of the Far Eastern District and the free port of Vladivostok will be able to apply reduced insurance premium rates not immediately, but within 10 years from the date of notification of the exercise of such right to the tax authority. Now it arises automatically from the moment of obtaining the status of a resident.

Benefits for organizations providing financial support to colleges and technical schools.

Companies that donate cash or property, including equipment, to colleges and technical schools will be able to receive an investment tax deduction. The regions will decide whether to grant the deduction and determine the amount of the maximum amount.

Parents of disabled children will be able to stay with them in the hospital free of charge.

Parents of disabled children will be provided with a free bed and food in the hospital during the hospitalization of the child. As a general rule, parents can stay in a hospital free of charge with a child under four years old, and with older children — if there are medical indications.

Dachniks will get another way to vote at general meetings.

Absentee voting at general meetings of members of a horticultural or horticultural non-profit partnership can be carried out using the State Services portal.

Preferential medicines under the electronic certificate.

Disabled people will be able to receive preferential medicines, medical devices and specialized food products using an electronic certificate. Their list will be determined by regional authorities.

Protection of the ethnocultural heritage of Russia.

Local authorities will have to implement measures aimed at supporting, preserving, developing and studying culture, as well as preserving the ethno-cultural diversity of the peoples of the Russian Federation living in the territory of the subject.

11 January

Orphans will be able to register at the address of the local administration.

Orphans and children left without parental care, who have not yet received an apartment from the state required by law, will be able to register at the address of the local administration. This will allow them to count on social benefits for which registration is required. The law will affect 16 thousand people. orphans who have the right to receive housing after 11 years. Now, due to lack of registration, these children cannot receive social benefits.

Employment Assistance.

Citizens who are looking for work, but not registered as unemployed, will be able to be assisted in moving and relocating to another area for employment. Previously, this service was available only to those who are officially registered. It also simplifies the coordination of support programs for employers who attract employees from other regions.

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