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November 25 is the day of St. John the Merciful. mothers pray for children

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People noticed that the snow that fell 25 in November almost always lay until spring. These days, twilight came early, the nights grew longer and darker. The real cold was inexorably approaching — crackling, strong, capable of killing a bird on the fly, and chopping logs in a peasant’s hut in half. Especially severe frosts in the Russian North. In the southern latitudes, winters are windy, gray, with little snow. It is hard for an adult to cope with bad weather — for small children it is even worse. That is why, from early morning until late evening, mothers on this day have long prayed for their children: may God be merciful to them. The children were begging for health, and with it — happiness, prosperity and a fun, well-fed life. Everything is heard by the Lord in heaven. Maternal prayer is the strongest, from the bottom of the sea, they say, it gets …

And 25 November was the end of wedding weeks. Then weddings were played at the end of winter. That is why, the young men and women left without a partner looked with envy at their more successful comrades and girlfriends.

The church now honors Patriarch John the Merciful, who, according to historical data, lived on the territory of Alexandria in the 6th-7th centuries. Ivan was born into the family of the governor of Cyprus and at first lived an ordinary worldly life. However, it so happened that Ivan lost his wife and children, after which he decided to devote himself to God and lead an ascetic lifestyle. He was known for his kindness and concern for the poor. Despite the fact that Ivan (John) was not a cleric or a monk, the people nevertheless decided to make him a patriarch. Having entered into his rights, John immediately calculated how many beggars were in Alexandria, after which he decided to distribute all his property to them. In the future, he did many good deeds, including ransoming the prisoners, giving shelter to the destitute. It is for this that he received the nickname Gracious.

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Signs of the day:

  • Drizzle in the morning — to evening frosts.
  • Clouds float against the wind — snow will fall.
  • Low clouds — to frost.
  • What is the weather on John — this will be the beginning of December.
  • It started to rain — it will be damp until February.
  • The fire burns brightly — it will be dry and frosty outside.
  • Ash quickly formed — to heat.
  • If snow fell that day, it will lie until spring. In addition, spring promises to be late.
  • If you do a good deed on this day, it will alleviate the posthumous fate of deceased relatives.
  • If the girl will not get a boyfriend until that day — she will be alone until Shrovetide.
  • The thing bought for John will serve you for a very long time.
  • A girl 25 of November will buy shoes for herself in company with her girlfriends — to failure in her personal life.
  • The advice given on this day will be especially true.
  • They say that 25 November all men are unusually generous.
  • If the husband’s wife is properly nuts feed — he will be gentle, affectionate and stop grumbling.

Name days are celebrated today: Ivan, Vladimir, Daniil, Alexander, Matvey, Boris, Konstantin, Fedor, Dmitry, Lev.

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