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Only 1 out of 9 employers in Crimea care about the image of the company among applicants who did not pass the competition

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Every ninth employer has experience in creating positive impressions for applicants who have not passed the competitive selection. HR managers and representatives of the economically active population with employment experience from Crimea took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding highly paid jobs.

Every ninth employer in Crimea (11%) has experience in forming positive impressions about the company among applicants who did not pass the selection for a vacancy. How exactly do recruiters achieve this? Judging by the comments, the most popular tool is the correct and polite refusal of employment: “We explain that the candidate will develop his potential better elsewhere, but we will be happy to consider him if we have a suitable vacancy.” HR managers also talk in detail about the company, working conditions and stages of recruitment: “At the first meeting, we will definitely inform candidates about how the selection is going, we say that they will be contacted even if they refuse.” Among the tools that work to create a positive image of the employer in a potentially conflict situation are friendly behavior with applicants, transferring resumes to the personnel reserve, as well as professional recommendations from recruiters and a brief analysis of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses— noted in the press service of the service.

55% of HR managers reported the absence of such experience in their company.

In the career of 28% of applicants, there were cases when, even after the candidacy was rejected, the impression of the company was extremely positive — so much so that the candidate recommended the employer to his acquaintances and friends. The higher the income, the more often respondents reported such an experience: if among respondents earning less than 50 thousand rubles, 14% said this, then among respondents with an income of more than 80 thousand rubles. — already 35%.

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Time: May 1-19, 2023

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