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Optimistic: By 2025, 50% of roads in Crimea will meet regulatory requirements

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In Crimea, half of the roads of regional and intermunicipal significance are planned to be repaired by the end of 2024 in order to bring them up to the level of “regulatory requirements”. This is reported TASSwith reference to the First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Republic of Crimea Nikolai Lukashenko.

If we are talking about inter-municipal and regional roads. By the end of 2024, it is planned to bring these roads to 50% of the standard state. Our main highways are practically repaired. It is planned to repair the road from Simferopol to Yalta, from Bakhchisaray to Yalta. We make big chord roads. We continue to repair the Chernomorskoye-Voinka road. This is a large section of the road from the village of Voinka, Krasnoperekopsky district, to the urban-type settlement of Chernomorskoe— Nikolai Lukashenko told the publication.

During this period, it is also planned to complete the construction of the first stage of the southern bypass of Simferopol in the section from the village of Donskoye to Zarechny and the second stage of the Simferopol-Evpatoria-Mirnoye highway, from the village of Skvortsovo to the village of Mirnoye.

Lukashenka also said that the Crimean authorities are considering allocating funding in 2023 to complete the construction of the almost finished, but not commissioned, Dubki-Levadki highway.

There still needs to be troubleshooting. The object was not fully completed. The contractor went bankrupt, criminal cases were initiated. The object is difficult. Everything possible is being done to carry out activities related to the completion of construction work at this facility, and put it into operation— said the Deputy Minister.

The Belogorsk — Privetnoye highway is also included in the state program for the development of Crimea and Sevastopol, the route of which passes through the protected area. The allocation of money for it is planned after 2025.

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 Optimistic: By 2025, 50% of roads in Crimea will meet regulatory requirements

Photo: Krymavtodor.

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