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Orchids bloom in Bakhchisaray tract Mender-Krutai

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Mender-Krutai tract of the Bakhchisarai region of Crimea is unique in its abundance of rare and endangered plant species, including orchids. Scientists of the Crimean Federal University found 14 species of plants of this family here. In 2023, another rare representative bloomed — monkey orchis, the flowering of which experts have not observed for several years.

45 species of orchids are known to inhabit the Crimea. This is a kind of center of general biodiversity, which consists of an abundance of individual groups and species. But the concentration of 14 unique species of orchids in one small tract is an extremely rare phenomenon. These plants have complex pollination mechanisms, perhaps it is the abundance of certain species of bees, wasps, butterflies that is the reason for such diversity in this habitat. Very specific and factors that determine the growth and development of orchids— quotes the press service of Sergey Ivanov, professor of the Institute of Biochemical Technologies, Ecology and Pharmacy of the Crimean Federal University.

The reasons for this concentration of orchids in one area are still unknown. In order to identify them, scientists of the Crimean Federal University conduct research in which employees, graduate students and students of the university take part.

During previous years, we did not observe the flowering of this orchid in the study area. Initially, we assumed that the species in this habitat has disappeared, because orchids are vulnerable, and also have complex pollination and reproduction mechanisms, which is partly why they are rare, on the verge of extinction. Conducting a comprehensive study of this territory for three years, we annually note the emergence of new and rare species of orchids, which indicates the uniqueness of this area.— says Viktoriya Kuramova, post-graduate student and lecturer at the Department of Ecology and Zoology of the Crimean Federal University.

Orchids bloom in Bakhchisaray tract Mender-Krutai Orchids bloom in Bakhchisaray tract Mender-Krutai Orchids bloom in Bakhchisaray tract Mender-Krutai Orchids bloom in Bakhchisaray tract Mender-Krutai

According to scientists, the materials of the ongoing research will serve as the basis for substantiating and applying to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Crimea with a proposal to give the Mender-Krutai tract a reserved status.

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source: KFU press service

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