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Point of view: the market for new buildings in Russia collapsed

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Apartments in new buildings, which until recently were so popular in the real estate market, now, notes Moskovsky Komsomolets , few people need . Demand for fresh housing in just a month has fallen by almost half. Realtors and failed buyers themselves spoke about the situation on the market. The secondary market has been quiet since March, and real estate agents had high hopes for buyers who want to buy apartments in new buildings. But their cautiously optimistic forecasts, alas, did not materialize.

According to real estate market analysts, in Moscow and New Moscow in April the number of transactions in new buildings decreased by almost 50%, and in the Moscow region — even more than twice. At the same time, the share of such mortgage transactions also decreased. This trend affected not only Moscow, but also other large cities — Omsk, Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar …

We cannot sell apartments even though the mortgage rate has decreased , — Alexander, an employee of a large company that sells apartments in a residential complex under construction, told MK. – But before, housing at our facilities was sufficed even at the foundation stage. In March, transactions were still going by inertia, and then abruptly stopped.

As the expert explained, some potential clients call just to ask what will happen to the real estate next, but he has nothing to answer.

Of course, we tell them that our company is in the top, that the construction will be completed, but we can’t answer the question of whether real estate will become cheaper, that is, whether they will lose by investing in an apartment. And they hang up, promising to think and call back. And they don’t call back. You see, now no one will tell you what will happen next , — says the expert.

Eugene from Mytishchi was going to sell his current kopeck piece and buy an apartment of the same footage in a new building on the outskirts of Moscow. Now he refused to buy.

Initially, my wife and I figured that we would have to pay three or four million. They wanted to take this amount in a mortgage, — says Eugene. – At the beginning of April, our apartment was put up for sale and at the same time we selected a suitable option for purchase.

For three weeks there were no buyers for our kopeck piece at all, and in principle we were ready for this — times are not easy. Finally lucky: there was one willing, and he even made an advance. But now we ourselves no longer want to get involved in this matter: during the waiting period, the economic situation worsened, my wife lost her job, we are now unlikely to pull the mortgage.

Another failed buyer, IT-specialist Dmitry, spoke about his reason for refusing an apartment in a new building.

I make good money and I can afford not to take out a mortgage, but it’s too risky now to conduct any real estate transactions. Experts predict a decline in housing prices, so it’s better to wait a few months and buy cheaper. In the meantime, I will live in a rented apartment.

— Since you are not in a hurry to go anywhere, it is probably better to buy a living space at the stage of excavation? So it will turn out cheaper …

What are you doing! This is definitely Russian roulette! In the current situation, nothing can be guaranteed. The construction of any new facility, even from the most reliable company, can stop halfway. In the best case, the house will still be completed, but its decoration will be made of cheap, low-quality materials. So I will consider only finished apartments or almost finished ones.

Dmitry’s fears were confirmed by the representative of the developer company:

Of course, if the house is at a high stage of completion, the buyer has nothing to worry about. In this case, as a rule, the materials to complete the construction have already been purchased and are waiting in the wings in warehouses. With new objects, there is indeed a risk: it is not clear whether it is worth taking on them at all. If the geopolitical situation does not improve in the near future, by autumn everything will be very bad in this area.

Realtor Svetlana told MK about another reason for refusing apartments in new buildings:

Some potential buyers wanted to outsmart everyone and lost. I know a family with a child who, in early March, when the dollar and the euro soared, sold their home. They invested the proceeds in foreign currency, moved in with their elderly parents for a while and began to wait for the exchange rate to grow even stronger in order to exchange money back for rubles and buy a dream apartment. As a result, the dollar fell, and now they do not have enough money for the option they chose.

However, Svetlana’s forecast is optimistic, if, of course, in this case I can say so. The expert believes that closer to the summer, the dollar and the euro will begin to grow again, and then the owners of «currency nests» will become more active and return to the topic of new buildings.

Source: Moscow’s comsomolets

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