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Ramzan Kadyrov addressed those who evade mobilization

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Against the backdrop of an information wave of messages about the progress of mobilization in the country, the work of military registration and enlistment offices, thousands of volunteer conscripts, news and «dissenting opinions» about those who do not want to become «under arms» slip through. Well … Each crime has its own article, each misconduct has its own censure. Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov tried to get through to the conscience of such “refuseniks” today. In his Telegram-channel he wrote:

I’m talking to you, dodger.

You can come up with different excuses. You can say that you don’t support the current policy. You can come up with a fairy tale that the idea of ​​war and the concept of weapons are alien to you, or that you simply do not accept violence. But know that you are just a coward, a traitor and a second-class person.

When you need the state, you are a citizen with a capital letter, demanding that your rights be respected, and you love to point your finger at the second chapter of the Russian Constitution. When you want to expand your comfort zone, you are a patriot to the core.

But when the state needs your support and they give you a summons, who are you? No, you are not grateful to the state and a defender loyal to the people. You are an ordinary coward, a slave of your hare soul, leaving relatives, friends, acquaintances, home, city …

And no excuses will wash away this shame of yours, deviationist. You are even afraid to admit your cowardice.

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