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Rental housing in Sevastopol: trends in autumn 2022

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In October, long-term apartment rentals fell in price in most major Russian cities. The seasonal decline in demand was reinforced by the announcement of partial mobilization and the fall in citizens’ incomes. According to experts, sharp fluctuations in the cost of rental housing should not be expected until the end of this year. Unless, of course, geopolitics intervene again.

According to CIAN.Analytics, in October the average cost of long-term rental of one-room apartments in 07 in Russian cities with a million population decreased by 3% compared to September, to 21, 6 thousand rubles. per month, two-room apartments — by 4%, up to 16, 2 thousand rubles. As realtors admit, wanting to rent an apartment with low overall demand, about 40% of landlords today agree to accommodation of tenants with children and pets, approximately 10% become less demanding in relation to the composition and nationality of tenants, about 40% are ready to split the amount of the security deposit into two parts ( to reduce the one-time financial burden on the tenant). With increased demand, the number of tolerant landlords is usually reduced by half , — notes «Moskovsky Komsomolets» .

This is how the situation looks like in Russia as a whole. What about in Sevastopol? In a city that traditionally has a large number of those who are forced to live in rented apartments. Moreover, there are many of them both among the “native” Sevastopol residents and those who came here to work or moved for permanent residence, but did not acquire their own housing.

And in the Hero city, experts say, the segment of the daily rent market has somewhat decreased. The owners are switching to letting apartments for a long term. On the one hand, this is a seasonal factor, on the other, a human one. Daily rent is a tricky business. And, first of all, in everyday terms: to look for clients, to settle, to put things in order, to solve emerging problems with equipment, etc. Not all landlords are capable of such «vanity». Yes, and often «the game is not worth the candle.»

Many people who rented by the day switched to long-term rent. Because if you are not a professional, if you don’t rent daily for five years in a row, then you don’t have a clientele, and you lose time and money on downtime , — the director AN «Multidom» Natalia Massalskaya.

The situation with prices on the daily rent market is as follows: apartments, for which last year they asked for 2.5 thousand, are now “leaving” for a thousand and a half.

But the client is now «polar». There is one who is looking for one and a half, and there are those who 15 he can afford to pay thousands of rubles per day. And such vip-objects — and they are with food, cleaning, good conditions, etc. — packed! And last year, by the way, their cost was higher , says Natalia Massalskaya.

As for the long-term lease, in

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