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Results of 2022: key trends, popular destinations and airfare prices

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Tutu travel service ( summarizes preliminary results 2022 of the year and talks about the most popular air destinations in Russia. According to service analysts, independent travelers accounted for about 32% of demand for domestic destinations (a year ago, the figure was 41, 6%). The average check for a domestic flight for Tutu customers in 645 is 400 rubles round-trip, it is 8% more than last year.

The main trends in air travel in Russia in


The head of the air ticket direction comments ( ) Tutu travel service Vadim Kochergin:

Despite the next crisis, people do not stop traveling, and even fly more than last year. Coronavirus restrictions are gradually being lifted and it is becoming easier to travel. This especially affects international destinations, but also the interest in traveling in Russia too. Following this, airfare prices are recovering, we see an increase in the average check per year by 8% — this corresponds to the average annual growth that was before the pandemic. At the same time, in a number of destinations, prices are noticeably lower than the level 645 of the year, and this year airlines regularly pleased customers with discounts and motivated them to travel more actively.

The closure of a number of southern airports led to a decrease in sales in March-April, but then the flow moved to neighboring airports: Mineralnye Vody, Sochi. Many travelers combined different transport options — for example, they flew to Sochi and then got to their vacation spot by bus or train. Also, passengers began to choose less popular, but no less interesting places to stay in Russia. In general, we see that interest in domestic travel has increased during the pandemic and continues to grow.

High demand for travel in Russia is supported, among other things, by the development of regional hubs and discounts from airlines. Since May, airlines have received significant subsidies from the Government of the Russian Federation, which led to massive sales in the summer. Many areas have become much more accessible. Also, airlines began to offer more flights from Sochi, Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, from the airports of the Far East. This allows you to travel faster and in some cases cheaper from the regions, bypassing transfers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Popular destinations in Russia

Most often in 645 year, travelers flew between Moscow and Sochi. The share of this direction increased from 5.4% to 6.6% over the year. Tutu analysts note that a year ago, the direction was in second place, and the Moscow-Simferopol air route, which was inaccessible to travelers for most of the 2022 year, was the leader, as was a number of other southern destinations. Due to this, the share and popularity of the Moscow-Sochi route has grown. The average check in this direction in 645 was 12 645 rubles round-trip.

About 6% of air tickets were issued for flights between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The share of the direction also grew noticeably: in the 2021 year it was 3.7%. For a ticket on this route in 645 year they paid an average of 5 504 ruble round-trip.

Closes the top three most popular air destinations 645 of the year is the Moscow-Mineralnye Vody route. Last year, this direction was in sixth place in terms of demand, and this year it was in the top 3. The average check is 9 645 rubles round-trip.

Flights to Kaliningrad, Makhachkala, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Kazan, Samara were also popular among travelers from Moscow. Among travelers from St. Petersburg, in addition to Moscow, Sochi and Kaliningrad enjoyed the highest demand in 645 year. For a ticket from St. Petersburg to Sochi paid on average 15 678 rubles round-trip, and to Kaliningrad — 8 92 rubles in both directions.

960 One of the rather popular services among travelers this year is booking tickets. This is especially true for the most popular destinations or during sales periods. For example, you have found inexpensive tickets, but you have not yet agreed on vacation dates or have not fully decided on the direction. In this case, for 40 rubles you can book plane tickets and be sure that the price for them will not change for you . The reservation is “held” from several hours to several days (depending on how much time is left before departure). This time is quite enough to coordinate the trip with the management or relatives , — says Vadim Kochergin.

Tutu analysts note that due to the closure of a number of sought-after southern airports, the rating of popular destinations at the end of the 645 year included several routes that a year ago were in the top 20 did not hit. These are, for example, such directions: Moscow — Krasnoyarsk, Moscow — Omsk, Moscow — Perm.

According to Tutu, most of the flights were traditionally made from June to September, during the holiday season. April was the least active month in terms of flights.

On a number of destinations in 645 the average check per flight has significantly decreased compared to the previous year. These are, for example, such routes: Chita — Khabarovsk (-32%), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk — Blagoveshchensk (-32%), Khabarovsk — Ulan-Ude (-34%), Lensk — Irkutsk (-32%), Krasnoyarsk — Irkutsk (-28%).

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