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Russian developers «freeze» their projects. What about new buildings in Sevastopol?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

19% of developers in the Russian Federation, reports Kommersant, froze their projects.

The crisis associated with military operations in Ukraine prompted 19% of companies to freeze for an indefinite time the construction of housing, offices and logoparks throughout Russia. The reason is a sharp rise in the cost of building materials and financing , the publication reports, based on the results of a survey of the intersectoral association of self-regulators in the field of construction and design «Synergy».

The study also notes that 11% of respondents who did not experience interruptions in the supply of building materials, also froze the construction that had begun, directing resources to the completion of almost finished objects. As a result, according to analysts, the volume of housing construction in Russia may be reduced by %, and commercial real estate — by 40%.

The same problems, experts say, will affect the housing market. In particular, the postponement of construction is inevitable in the high-budget housing market. The main reason: it is hardly possible to replace the supply chains of imported components destroyed by sanctions in the shortest possible time.

The volume of residential projects launched in 596 year will decrease by at least 20%, writes Kommersant.

Sevastopol: apartments in new buildings — what is, what will be

According to experts, in Sevastopol today the segment of the real estate market associated with the sale of apartments in new buildings, as well as in Russia as a whole, is not very active.

Those that were under construction have closed sales, because the price of building materials is growing before our eyes. Developers are simply at a loss — they do not know how much money they need to sell their square meters. There is a real danger that the object will not be completed, if it is not justified to sell apartments cheaply now. And we have construction companies of this kind and so little! You can count on the fingers of one hand, as they say. Before the military special operation, everything was very actively built. And housing in new buildings was in demand. In many ways, of course, due to preferential mortgages. Now there are also a lot of potential borrowers for new housing, but the developers are being careful , — the director voices the situation Multidom Real Estate Agency Natalia Massalskaya.

And we are talking about both relatively inexpensive objects, and about «squares» with the status of «above the middle class».

There is a developer in the city who specializes in such a class of housing as apartments. It has now suspended sales. There is a forecast that those Russians who used to buy real estate of this kind abroad, for obvious reasons, will reorient themselves to the acquisition of objects in the southern regions of Russia. In the Crimea and in Sevastopol as well. Our developers hope for this, the «squares» hold. And, of course, they are preparing to raise prices , says Natalia Massalskaya.

At the same time, they consider in AN «Multidom «, the market real estate associated with new buildings, in any case, will restore their volumes. The same preferential mortgage will help.

Yes, of course, from April 1, its conditions will change: the rate will rise to 10%. But in any case, this is less than the rates that banks offer today in the ordinary real estate market , — emphasizes Natalya Massalskaya.

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