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Scientist and public figure Vladimir Vernadsky is remembered in Crimea today

CrimeaPRESS reports:

160 years ago, an outstanding scientist and public figure, rector of the Tauride University, academician Vladimir Vernadsky was born. Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov reminded about this date in social networks. According to him, one of the brightest and most difficult periods of Vernadsky’s life is connected with the Crimea.

In the hard times of the Civil War, he headed the Taurida University and actually saved the higher school in the Crimea from destruction, organized many research expeditions to study the natural resources of the peninsula.

Vernadsky is often mentioned in connection with the creation of the concepts of the biosphere and noosphere. But, of course, this is not the end of Vladimir Ivanovich’s role in domestic and world science. The range of his interests was very wide: from mineralogy, geology and radiochemistry to philosophy. Even during the life of the scientist, more than four hundred of his works were published.— said Aksyonov.

Today, the name of Vladimir Vernadsky is the Crimean Federal University — the largest university in our Republic. This is a sign of memory, respect and recognition of the contribution that the outstanding scientist made to the development of the Crimea and Russia.

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