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September 27 — Exaltation of the Lord, Stavrov Day. The post is strict…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

27 September, believers celebrate a big holiday — the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross of the Lord. This church holiday was established in honor of the acquisition of the cross in the 4th century. It happened in Jerusalem. The pagan emperors, having decided to destroy all memories of what happened on Golgotha, ordered to fill it with earth and put a statue of Jupiter and a temple of the goddess Venus in this place. However, after 300 years, Emperor Constantine, who was distinguished by his mercy towards the believers, came to the throne. According to legend, the cross was found by the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, Empress Helen. It was they who organized the excavations, as a result of which they discovered the cave of the Holy Sepulcher and not far away — three crosses. Interestingly, only a miracle helped to find out where the cross on which Jesus was crucified is located. A sick woman, touching him, was healed.

September, the Orthodox adhere to a strict fast (dry food): they refrain not only from animal food, but also from vegetable food, which has been subjected to heat treatment (cooking, frying, baking or stewing). Only raw vegetables and fruits are allowed. Only in the late afternoon are some indulgences allowed.

Many beliefs and traditions are associated with this holiday among the people. The most famous of them: snakes crawl out of their holes this day to bask in the sun for the last time, gain strength before hibernation in the underworld. Animals curl up into balls and arrange «snake weddings». On this day, they also beware of the Leshy — special protective rites are associated with him.

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Signs of the day:

  • Frosts in the morning — by early winter.
  • Clear and warm weather — winter will come late.
  • A sharp cold snap — by early spring.
  • The north wind blew — by a hot summer.
  • If you see a flock of migratory birds (especially swallows), you should ask them to say hello to their dead relatives.
  • Migratory birds are not visible — by a frosty winter.
  • Geese fly high — to a big flood in the spring.
  • You can’t go into the forest — the snakes will bite and the bear (which from this day on is looking for a den for hibernation) will bring.
  • A girl will go into the forest — the goblin will steal.
  • If a person stings on this day, she will not crawl to her hole.
  • The goblin howled in the forest — someone nearby will die a terrible death (drown himself or strangle himself).
  • You can’t even pass by the place where when — a murder was committed — the unclean will confuse.
  • If a person gets lost that day, he must remove from clothes, shake it, read a prayer and put it on again. It is believed that such a rite protects against the devil and helps a person quickly find the right path.
  • If you see incomprehensible traces on the ground, in no case do not cross them. These may be traces of forest evil spirits. Whoever crosses them will soon become seriously ill.

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