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Sochi and Yalta are the leaders in the rating in terms of the potential for the development of premium resort real estate

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Developer FIVE has compiled the TOP of locations with the highest potential for the development of premium resort real estate, which was headed by Sochi and Yalta. According to the experts of the portal World of Apartments, the rating is based on criteria, including: infrastructure, lack of industrial areas, unique landscape features, average annual temperature and precipitation in the location, as well as the environmental component.

To assess the resort potential of Russian territories, the developer FIVE has developed its own Vitality Index (Vi). This is an indicator of the quality of the natural and climatic environment and the life potential of a particular location. This valuation methodology will become part of a larger product that will be offered for testing and subsequent use by developers and consulting agencies.

Any territory can be evaluated according to the -point system with the determination of the coefficient of significance for each of points. The higher the vitality index (vi), the more comfortable the natural, climatic and environmental conditions for life and recreation, and the potential of the territory for the implementation of premium resort real estate projects is much greater.

The assessment scale of the Vitality Index (Vi) is focused on the following figures: 0-6 — location for projects is not considered, 7 — location is suitable for business class projects. 8 or more — the location is suitable for premium, deluxe class projects

Focusing on this indicator of the quality of the natural and climatic environment and on the index of the socio-economic state of the territories, the developer can calculate how suitable this or that location is for the implementation of premium level projects.

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Based on the results of the analysis of the vitality index (Vi) and the index of the socio-economic state of the territories, the developer FIVE identified the most promising areas: Sochi (8,64) and Yalta (7.6), and Gorno-Altaisk (6,30), Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (6,40), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (5,59), Petrozavodsk (4,98), Yakutsk (5, 40) and Irkutsk (5, 40).

Obviously, the higher the vitality index of a well-developed socio-economic place, it is more in demand by investors and developers. We see this in the example of Sochi, a multi-cluster resort that is unique in its characteristics. But even if a territory with excellent natural and climatic characteristics is not yet too economically developed, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to it — quite the contrary. Investments in land assets in such regions are quite likely to bring income in the long term, — comments Elena Kabesheva, commercial director of resort real estate developer FIVE.

Source: Apartment World

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