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Sometimes they come across… Facts of salary payments “in envelopes” were revealed in the Leninsky district of Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Alas, the practice of working «in the black», «salary in envelopes» is still common in all regions of the country. But sometimes, citizens’ signals and prosecutorial checks turn out to be an effective weapon against such violations of the law. In the Leninsky district of Crimea, the prosecutor’s office conducted an inspection of compliance with the requirements of labor legislation. It was established that an individual entrepreneur used the labor of three employees as watchmen without concluding labor contracts with them.

In view of the violation of the rights of workers, the prosecutor’s office of the district against an individual entrepreneur initiated two cases of administrative offenses under 1, 4 art. 5.27 (violation of labor laws). Based on the results of consideration of the materials of the prosecutor’s office, the guilty person was issued a warning— reported in the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Crimea.

In order to eliminate violations, the prosecutor submitted a submission to the individual entrepreneur, based on the results of consideration of which labor contracts were concluded with employees and thus their rights were restored. Another result of the story is that a businessman will forget for a long time what it means to pay “salary in an envelope”.

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