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Started! Snow fell on Ai-Petri

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Snow fell on Ai-Petri. The cover is not yet deep, but the winter weather is already gathering supporters of outdoor activities on skis, sleds, snowboards and other “cheesecakes”. Social networks are full of questions: how to get there, is it not icy, but will I drive an Audi (for example)? cheap”, and the rental business flips through weather forecasts and prays that the snowfall in the mountains does not stop …

The usual winter bustle in the Crimea. Then there will definitely be a day (more precisely, evening) when everyone gets stuck on a winding road, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Krym-Spas, other mine rescuers will call for help, and those “with a twinkle” of hours in 6 commercials will eliminate the entire traffic jam with Ai-Petri, formed because of a couple of deer on rear-wheel drive cars with bald tires. Well, we got up, everything was fine …

Началось! На Ай-Петри выпал снег

Then they will definitely block the road to Ai-Petri, but everyone who needs to pass will pass. That’s the way we’re all set up. Prohibitions — for their competent circumvention, and restrictions — for those who are not in the know, my life my rules. Video — do not repeat!

In the meantime, on Ai-Petri something like this. It’s not the season yet, but it’s already winter.

Началось! На Ай-Петри выпал снегOn Ai-Petri today The road workers, as best they could, cleared the way from Yalta. It’s better not to meddle from Sokolinoye — and the road is broken, and the serpentine there is only for all-wheel drive cars, it’s checked.

Началось! На Ай-Петри выпал снег

If you are going for a walk, dress warmly, and we will share with you a beautiful winter landscape: the road to Mount Ai-Petri has been cleared of snow 20 km and treatment with anti-icing materials. Over the past night, the branches of «Krymavtodor» treated with anti-icing materials about 83 km of regional roads. In the works involved pieces of equipment. Briefly about the weather: by the evening it is expected to cool down to -3-8 degrees, in some places light snow, ice may form on the roads , — reported this afternoon in Krymavtodor. Началось! На Ай-Петри выпал снег

367008Началось! На Ай-Петри выпал снег

And after all, as they looked into the water, it was snowing. Be careful on the roads in this weather. Well, for lovers of snow and sports recreation: It has begun! …


Photo and video: Operational Crimea, VK Weather on Ai-Petri and Ai-Petri, 12 km, Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea, State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Crimea «Krymavtodor»

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