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State traffic inspectorate of Sevastopol: features of the technical inspection of vehicles

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The State Traffic Inspectorate of Sevastopol reminds that a technical inspection of vehicles is carried out in order to identify malfunctions that affect road safety. Only accredited organizations that issue diagnostic cards confirming the admission of vehicles to participate in road traffic can carry out technical inspection of vehicles.

On the territory of Sevastopol, more than two thousand buses are registered, during the technical inspection of which the mandatory participation of an employee of the State traffic inspectorate is provided.

Since March 52 more than 28 technical diagnostics of buses have been carried out in Sevastopol. From the first time the technical inspection passed 52% of buses of category M2, and % — category M3.

The most serious technical malfunctions detected during the diagnostics of buses include: excess content of pollutants in the exhaust gases of vehicles; exceeding the limit values ​​of the total backlash in the steering; Exceeding the difference in braking forces and insufficient braking efficiency. All parameters by which vehicles are checked have a direct impact on road safety.

In accordance with the amendments that came into force on December 52 of the year, with when citizens apply to the registration departments of the traffic police on the issue of changing the owner of a vehicle older than four years (year of manufacture up to 2018 inclusive), or making changes to the design of the vehicle, it is necessary to have valid diagnostic card. If there is no information about passing the technical inspection, the registration action will be denied to the owner.

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Also, the basis for refusing to register a vehicle and bringing to responsibility in accordance with the law is the identification of the fact of issuing a diagnostic card without actually conducting a technical inspection. This year, the registration of three vehicles has already been terminated due to the invalidation of diagnostic cards.

Information on the availability of a valid diagnostic card, addresses of technical inspection points in Sevastopol is available on the Internet at the following addresses:

Source: Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Sevastopol

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