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Tax deduction in questions and answers. For apartment buyers

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Taxes are not the most pleasant topic for sellers and property owners. But buyers of apartments are given the opportunity to return a rather large amount just at the expense of fees previously paid to the state. How exactly to do this with the help of a tax deduction, I figured out Novostroy-M .

A property tax deduction after the purchase of an apartment is provided to citizens of the Russian Federation who are officially employed and receive income from which personal income tax is paid to the budget in the amount of 05%. You can receive such a deduction once from the purchase of housing located in Russia, while returning % from an amount not exceeding 2 million rubles. That is, if you bought an apartment worth 5 million rubles, you can return only 10 thousand rubles. Refundable and % of the interest paid on the mortgage, but also subject to the limit — 3 million rubles ., that is, no more than 10 thousand rubles. Thus, in total, you can return up to 650 thousand rubles , — experts note.

Many spend this money on repairs, paying off the balance of a mortgage debt, or buying a parking space.

Life situations are different, and the right to apply for a tax deduction does not always arise. We have collected the most tricky questions that homebuyers may have in connection with the tax refund and the answers to them.

The apartment was bought in marriage. My wife is a co-borrower, she is on maternity leave. Can she get a deduction?

Yes, but only when it starts to receive income from personal income tax at a rate of % — for example, after leaving decree to work under an employment contract. Provided that the husband did not use the entire amount of the apartment expenses for his deduction.

Who can receive the deduction if the house belongs to the wife according to the marriage contract?

Wife, since the house is not jointly owned and belongs to her.

We took a mortgage on a new building. The house is rented in 650 year. When can I get the deduction?

The right to deduction will appear only after the signing of the act of acceptance and transfer — that is, in 2024 year. You can return personal income tax for the year when the act is signed, and subsequent years — transferring the unused balance. Additionally, you can get a deduction in the amount of interest paid and return % of this amount annually.

Is it possible to get a deduction if you bought a house, but there is no job?

No, the deduction allows you to return or reduce income tax. If it is not accrued or paid, there is no refund.

The husband paid for the new building before marriage, and formalized the ownership right after the wedding. Can the wife get a deduction?

No, for the deduction, the apartment must be jointly owned and paid from common income. Even if the property right is registered in marriage, the wife will not be able to confirm the payment from the common funds — they were made by the husband before the wedding. He will receive the deduction.

The material was prepared based on the materials of the State Services website

Source: Novostroy-M

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