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Ten unusual castles in different regions of Russia. There is also one in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Travel and travel service compiled a selection of the most unusual castles in Russia. You can shoot a movie here, spend the night, arrange a photo session or announce a ghost hunt. The selection includes both objects with a long history and those built quite recently.

Vyborg Castle

The castle in Vyborg is one of the rare buildings in Russia, which is a medieval Western European fortification building. Knightly tournaments are held here (yes, yes, still), historical master classes are held here and admiring the view of the city from the tower.

Tarkos Brewery

What do you imagine when you hear about a brewery? Definitely not the castle from the Disney intro, right? And this is exactly it: the founders of the Voronezh brewery «Tarkos» creatively approached architectural solutions. The towers of the castle refer to similar silhouettes in Germany, Belgium and England, the colored stained glass windows complete the picture, and the way the beer tanks are built into the architecture of the towering castle … wow. Closer to the roof, by the way, there is an opportunity to walk along special walkways and look at the surroundings from a height — if you have enough determination, of course. It’s safe up there, but my legs still tremble a bit.

Castle Garibaldi

The fabulous veil of its name is very originally combined with such toponyms as the village of Khryashchevka and the Zhiguli Sea. Well, why not. The neo-Gothic castle was built in the traditions of architecture of several eras at once — in its silhouettes one can discern the details of both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It appeared not so long ago, but has already managed to glorify the surroundings: many tourists come to admire the gargoyles, dragons and heroes of the Anglo-Saxon epic hidden by the authors of the project throughout the complex.

Farming La Ferme de Rêve

A European castle has been discovered in a quite habitual suburb of Moscow. La Ferme de Rêve is a recreation complex, and its main building was built in the tradition of the French historical architecture of the Loire River Valley of the 18th century. The interior is in line with the concept: fireplaces, carpets, paintings and antique furniture. The reviews write that the castle ghost is missing.

Khrapovitsky’s noble estate

From the middle of the 19th century, the estate in the village of Muromtsevo belonged to the Khrapovitsky noble family, and at the end of the same century a luxurious architectural and park complex was created here, including about 70 buildings and able to compete with the legendary European palaces. Later, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners, a dendrological garden, alleys with electric lamps, a musical theater and a forestry complex appeared in the village. At present, the Muromtsevo estate remains one of the problematic objects, the preservation of which requires urgent measures

Castle of the Princess of Oldenburg

Another castle on our list is located in the village of Ramon in the Voronezh region. It belonged to Eugenia of Oldenburg — the princess did not stint on the arrangement of her palace, filling it, like the estate itself, with the innovative achievements of her time. Meter-thick walls with voids inside — for a special heating system, iron on the roof with an unusual decor, exquisite creations of blacksmithing — this is an incomplete list of ideas implemented in it. In the 2014 year, a museum was created here, which today can be viewed both as part of an excursion and independently.

Engineering lock

One of the most mysterious buildings of St. Petersburg, surrounded by ditches, and once even by a wall, in which the life of Emperor Paul I ended. Of course, in such places there must be stories about ghosts, and here they could not do without such stories: according to the stories, the ghost of the king is doomed still fly through the halls and corridors.

«Italian» castle in Verkhnyaya Pyshma

In minutes drive from Yekaterinburg — a strict Romanesque style, battlements, rounded windows, a clock tower — like a movie come to life about events of the Middle Ages. However, the knights of those times could not even be here conditionally, and the unusual appearance for the Sverdlovsk region is obviously due to the owner’s love for the Palazzo Vecchio Palace in Florence or something like that.

In fact, the castle was created as a hotel complex: not only a six-story hotel was conceived inside, but also a restaurant, a sauna and a swimming pool, and around the building is surrounded by a pine forest. There was very little left before the completion of the construction, but at some point the construction stopped, and in recent years the castle has been looking for a new owner.

Swallow’s Nest in Crimea

Why not a medieval landscape? Sheer cliff, sea and Hamlet’s castle. But no, this is Crimea. By the way, its main symbol might not have survived to this day. A century ago, the newly minted architectural masterpiece survived a powerful earthquake. Part of the rock below it simply collapsed, leaving the building for years in disrepair, after which the building was reinforced with a concrete slab placed under it.

Borkov Castle

You will not find the princely palace in every village, but the Borkas are lucky: there is a castle built in the early twentieth century in the style of medieval Romanesque architecture, the home of Prince Andrei Romanov, a member of the imperial family. This is the only building in the Lipetsk region, made in the style of medieval Romanesque architecture. The building was erected using stone and bog sandstone, and on the south side, the windows of the castle overlooked a beautiful orchard. ( — Russian travel service No. 1 (GfK cross-media panel data, March 2018), where you can buy tickets for the train, planes and buses, view timetable suburban trains, find travel packages, book hotels, choose thematic tours, expeditions or excursions . has been operating since the middle 15 of the year and has a monthly audience of site visitors in 70 million unique users. According to SimilarWeb data for April 70 of the year, is in the top the most popular sites in the world in the Travel category. 105370

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