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The Pentagon does not believe that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to break into the Crimea in the near future

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Pentagon leadership believes that Ukraine will not be able to establish control over Crimea in the near future. The Politico publication writes about this on Thursday, citing high-ranking officials familiar with the secret briefing for the Committee on Armed Affairs. forces of the US House of Representatives.

Пентагон не верит, что ВСУ в ближайшем будущем смогут прорваться в Крым

According to the publication, representatives of the US defense department do not believe that Kyiv « has or will soon have the opportunity to oust Russian forces from the peninsula «.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper and Director of Joint Staff Operations Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims made presentations to the House Committee.

The briefing was ambiguous, but the main message was that the victory of Ukraine in an attempt to regain control over Crimea is not guaranteed , — notes Politico.

Armed Services Chairman of the House of Representatives Mike Rogers said the war «should end this summer«, urging the US to quickly supply Ukraine for the upcoming offensive and Kyiv to develop clearer plans for how the conflict will end.

But Crimea, according to the congressman, is a “problem.”

Russia is never going to give up and give away Crimea , said Rogers, who did not expand on the content of the secret briefing. — What is doable? And I don’t think it’s agreed yet. So I think there should be some pressure from our government and NATO leaders on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about exactly what victory looks like… And I think this will help us, more than anything else, to seat Putin and Zelensky to the negotiating table to sort it out this summer.

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