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«They'll fly into a pretty penny»? SuperJob calculated the expenses of parents for organizing school graduations in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Parents of graduates of 9th and 11th grades took part in the survey of the SuperJob service for finding a high-paying job.

To organize graduation for ninth graders, parents collect an average of 10,500 rubles per student. If a child graduates from grade 9 in Moscow or St. Petersburg, then you need to be prepared for more significant expenses: here they rent an average of 12,500 and 11,000 rubles, respectively, in Crimea — 10,000. Graduation balls at the end of grade 11 cost parents even more. The average fee in Russia is 16,500 rubles, in the capital — 19,000 rubles, in the city on the Neva — 18,000, in the Crimea — 13,000— noted in the press service of the service.

Dressing a graduate is expensive for the family budget. The outfit of a ninth grader son in Crimea costs an average of 9,000 rubles, an eleventh grader costs 11,000 rubles. An image for a graduate daughter lightens the parent’s wallet by 11,000 rubles in the 9th grade and by 12,500 rubles in the 11th grade. In Moscow, it is a little more expensive: an average of 13,800 (9th grade) and 18,500 rubles (11th grade) is spent on a suit for a son, 14,000 and 18,500 rubles, respectively, on a dress for a daughter. In St. Petersburg, the costs are slightly lower: for a young man — an average of 10,000 (grade 9) and 16,000 rubles (grade 11), for a girl — an average of 12,500 and 17,500 rubles.

Time: April 12 — May 15, 2023
Study population: parents of 9th and 11th grade school graduates

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