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«Ticket to the Future»: in Sevastopol, children with disabilities will be helped with the choice of profession

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This was told by the regional operator of the project «Ticket to the Future» Olga Anistratenko:

This year we will put maximum emphasis on working with children with disabilities. Together with teachers, we will conduct special classes, and even excursions to city enterprises.

The program is designed for both children with visual and hearing impairments and even those with disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Thus, according to Anistratenko, the Advanced Vocational Training Center has been successfully operating in Sevastopol for several years. It has specialized modern equipment that allows children to try some types of professions. The technical equipment of the center helps, not in theory, but in practice, to show children with any health problems where they can apply their talents, skills and strengths,” the regional operator of the project explained.

According to her, the program is designed so that for children with disabilities, first they conduct special testing, where algorithms based on the interests and preferences of the child will offer suitable areas of activity, then career guidance lessons will be held, where students will learn more about the labor market in Sevastopol, and after — excursion to one of the enterprises.

The current season of the «Ticket to the Future» project is interesting in that agreements have been reached with new, interesting city companies that are interested in raising a personnel reserve for the hero city— notes Olga Anistratenko. — The children will be told about all stages of production, they will be able to try themselves as specialists and communicate with employees.

Profession trials will be conducted in accordance with all safety requirements under the supervision of experienced mentors.

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Also, as the representative of the project noted, special attention will be paid to college sites where professional tests will be held, so that the places where children will learn the basics of the profession are maximally adapted to various disorders, and no one feels discomfort.

Absolutely everyone can become a member of the «Ticket to the Future», as Olga Anistratenko recalled — for this, it is enough to register on the site or contact the teacher at the school, who is appointed as a teacher-navigator.


  • «Ticket to the Future» is an all-Russian project on early career guidance for students in grades 6-11 of educational institutions. It is included in the passport of the federal project «Success of every child» within the framework of the national project «Education». The project operator is the Foundation for Humanitarian Projects. In 2022, it will be implemented in the multimedia parks «Russia — My History», on the basis of universities and colleges, as well as on the digital platform

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