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Today almost 4 out of 10 Crimeans agree to a salary in an envelope

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The number of Crimeans who agree to «black» or «gray» wages has practically not changed over the year, which indicates a stable situation in the labor market. Representatives of the economically active population took part in the survey of the SuperJob search service for highly paid jobs.

The level of tolerance of applicants to violations of labor legislation in terms of remuneration has practically not changed for about a year. Today, 37% of Crimeans would agree to work with a “gray” or “black” salary, 34% would refuse. To work, knowing that the organization does not pay the necessary insurance premiums, men are more likely to be ready (45% versus 30% among women). Those who are ready to put up with «gray» payment schemes are more among respondents over 45 years old (45%)— noted in the press service of the service.

The higher the level of income of citizens, the less among them are those who agree to pay in an envelope (46% among those who receive up to 50 thousand rubles a month, and 33% among those earning more than 80 thousand rubles).

The advantages of a «white» salary are obvious: honest payment of sick leave and vacation pay, a higher level of pension. 68% of citizens who receive a «black» salary would like their income to become «white», provided that the amount of earnings does not decrease. Only 9% of respondents do not agree to switch to fully legal working conditions. The reasons are different: “Then I will stop receiving payments from the state”; “The gray salary is still higher, because all deductions will be at my expense”; «You won’t live to see your retirement anyway.»

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Time: March 13-15, 2023

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