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Tomorrow in the Crimea starts the preventive measure of the traffic police «Motorcyclist»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In order to prevent road accidents involving drivers of motor vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, mopeds) in the Crimea, on March 23, an operational and preventive event «Motorcyclist» starts in the Simferopol region, which will last until March 27.

The state traffic inspectorate urges drivers of two-wheeled vehicles to strictly observe the Rules of the road.

Do not forget that motorcycles are one of the most dangerous means of transportation. Motorists, in turn, should be more tolerant of two-wheeled road users, regularly look in rear-view mirrors and also observe traffic rules. Drive carefully, use caution, especially in adverse weather conditions and wet road surfaces, and always follow the Rules of the Road— noted in the traffic police.

It is emphasized that drivers and passengers of motorcycles are the most vulnerable road users. Unlike motorists, motorcyclists can be seriously injured in even a minor accident. It is enough to fall at a speed of 10-20 km / h to suffer: to break an arm or leg, and in the absence of a protective motorcycle helmet, to get a head injury.

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