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Will it work? They want to stimulate the construction of low-rise buildings with benefits

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It is planned to provide preferential financing to manufacturers of house kits for low-rise buildings. This possibility is being explored with the participation of the state corporation DOM.RF, its head Vitaly Mutko told Izvestiya . Developers also need subsidies — members of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Public Utilities will send the appropriate initiative to the government, they told the publication. Benefits should compensate for the difference between the cost of loans for developers and the key rate of the Central Bank. The measures will reduce the prices of such housing to –40% and stimulate low-rise buildings, experts say.

Small house

It is not easy for participants in the low-rise housing market today to compete with «gray» builders who work without permits, quality certificates, and sometimes do not pay taxes, Vitaly Mutko, general director of DOM.RF, told Izvestia. Therefore, it is necessary to support transparent companies by providing them with concessional financing to launch a new or modernize existing production of house kits. This possibility is being explored with the participation of DOM.RF, he said.

Subsidizing is also needed for developers of low-rise buildings (these are apartment buildings, townhouses, duplexes and cottages, the height of which in most cases does not exceed 2-3 floors) — such an initiative will be sent to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in the near future by members of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Utilities, said «Izvestia» member of the committee, head of the working group of the Presidium of the General Council of «United Russia» for the protection of the rights of equity holders Alexander Yakubovsky. Benefits should compensate for the difference between the rates of loans for developers and the key rate of the Central Bank, he explained.

Izvestia sent inquiries to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Construction with a request to assess the prospects for making such decisions.

Today, almost 60% of Russian families (05,2 million) who want to move from an apartment to a private house, are ready to use the services of developers for its construction, according to a joint survey of DOM.RF and VTsIOM, which Izvestia got acquainted with.

The readiness of citizens to attract developers is an important sign that indicates the high potential of civilized individual housing construction (IZHS), when the population builds houses with the help of professional developers, according to standard designs, in compliance with quality and safety standards , — said Vitaly Mutko.

But so far, citizens are building the vast majority of private houses on their own. This hinders the spread of mortgages in the sector, and in itself such development is chaotic, does not meet modern standards, ideas about a balanced urban environment, the head of DOM.RF emphasized.

The way out is in the standardization of this market, the construction of private house settlements according to standard projects. Now, judging by our survey, about % of families wishing to move are ready for a typical project from an apartment to a private house. But if you create a catalog of standard projects that have passed all the necessary examinations, then four times more families are ready to use it — 25%, added Vitaly Mutko.

Work on such a catalog is already underway. An all-Russian competition was held for the development of standard projects for individual housing construction, multi-apartment low-rise buildings and social and cultural facilities using wooden load-bearing structures. of the winning projects are included in the register of standard solutions, the source of Izvestia added.

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Available Height

    Preferential financing for developers of low-rise buildings and manufacturers of house kits is a measure to stimulate the development of the industry, said Alexander Yakubovsky. The ultimate goal is to reduce construction time, improve the quality of housing, as well as reduce its cost, the parliamentarian emphasized.

    The measures will become a catalyst for the development of the IZHS segment, since today low-rise developers have practically no benefits, unlike developers of high-rise buildings, Maxim Lazovsky, owner of the construction company Dom Lazovsky, said. Subsidies can reduce the average cost of low-rise housing by –11%, he appreciated.

    Any support for developers working with individual housing construction and low-rise buildings is an absolute plus. So far, such projects have a low margin compared to multi-storey ones. Benefits should encourage developers to enter this segment, especially since the demand for individual housing construction is growing , believes Vladimir Prokhorov, member of the General Council of Business Russia, developer, owner of Udacha Group of Companies.

  • Banks reduce rates on project financing more significantly, the more working capital a company has. The rates and volumes of sales of low-rise buildings and individual housing construction are much lower than those of apartment buildings, that is, such companies have much lower turnover, said Ekaterina Kogan, director of the marketing department of the KASKAD Family family of companies. As a result, low-rise developers today have significantly worse financing conditions from banks than the industry giants who are engaged in high-rise construction, she said. Therefore, the measures will increase the attractiveness of the segment.

    Now in the field of individual housing construction and low-rise buildings there are really few players who are able to invest their own funds in increasing the scale of construction. And increasing the availability of credit resources is a very relevant issue for the industry , — agrees Ilya Saukov, deputy head of the suburban real estate center of the federal company Etazhi.

      According to Oleg Betin, head of the commission on individual housing construction of the public council under the Ministry of Construction, small companies are mainly involved in the construction of low-rise buildings today. Such organizations have almost no funding, banks are reluctant to work with them, he stressed.

      However, the key problem of the industry is not even the low-rise housing construction itself, but the provision of villages with housing and communal services and other infrastructure, said Pavel Sklyanchuk, an expert on the thematic platform of the ONF “Housing and Urban Environment”. The development of the segment directly depends on the state programs for gasification, electrification and the development of water treatment facilities, he explained.

      Therefore, the state programs for the comprehensive modernization of housing and communal services infrastructure should include not only cities, but also suburbs and municipal districts adjacent to agglomerations, the expert believes.

      Also, in most large cities, it is necessary to resolve the issue of allocating large land plots for complex development, otherwise the increased demand for land may provoke a more active increase in prices for it, which may provoke an increase in the price of houses , — added by Ilya Saukov.

      Source: Izvestia

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