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And even imprisonment! Drivers who allowed themselves to drive while drunk were punished in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Well, VAZ and IZH are recognized as «crime tools» and transferred to the state.

In the Kirovsky district of Crimea, drivers who drove vehicles while intoxicated were convicted. Punishments for a 34-year-old resident of the village. Kirov and a 37-year-old resident of the village of Zolotoe Pole — demonstration.

Based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office, they were found guilty of committing crimes under Parts 1 and 2 of Art. 264.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (driving a vehicle by a person in a state of intoxication, subjected to administrative punishment or having a criminal record for driving while intoxicated)the prosecutor’s office said.

It was established that the drivers, the first of whom was brought to administrative responsibility, and the second had a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated, got behind the wheel again after drinking alcohol.

At the same time, the second driver was caught driving his motorcycle while intoxicated two weeks after the entry into force of the court verdict for a similar crime.

Taking into account the position of the public prosecutor, a resident of the village. Kirovskoe was sentenced to 180 hours of compulsory work, a resident of the village of Zolotoe Pole — in the form of imprisonment for a period of 1 year 2 months— noted in the prosecutor’s office.

Also would-be drivers are deprived of the right to engage in activities related to driving vehicles for a period of 2 years and 6 years, respectively. They also confiscated the instrument of committing a crime — a VAZ car and an IZH motorcycle — to the state’s income.

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