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Another «natural» fire in the Crimea — in the Simferopol region burned out 700 square meters. meters of dry grass

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that cases of fires of dry vegetation have recently become more frequent in the Crimea. The main cause of such «natural» fires, as before, is the burning of grass, the careless handling of fire by citizens and the neglect of fire safety rules.

Yesterday, at 15:43, a signal was received by the operational duty officer of the GKU RK «Fire Protection of the Republic of Crimea» about the ignition of dry vegetation in the village of Mezhgornoye (Simferopol district).

Upon arrival, firefighters found out that in an open area outside the village. Intermountain burning dry grass. There is a threat of «transition» of fire to the settlement. Firefighters promptly laid hoses and the fire was completely extinguished within 1 hour. The area of ​​fire was 700 square meters. When extinguishing the fire, crackers and fire-fighting backpacks «Ermak» were additionally used.— reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea.

Eliminating the fire was complicated by strong, gusty winds. Nevertheless, thanks to the coordinated actions of the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it was possible to avoid the further spread of fire. There were no casualties. The causes of the emergency are established by experts, but, as it was said, 99.9% is the “human factor”.

It should be noted that a little later, at 19:57, the operational duty officer also received information about the fire of dry vegetation near the village of Vozrozhdenie (Kirov district). The dry grass fire was extinguished in one hour. The area of ​​this «natural» fire was 400 square meters. meters.

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Photo: Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Crimea.

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