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Christmas tree markets will start working in Simferopol next week

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Starting from December, entrepreneurs plan to start selling New Year trees at specially designated sites in the Crimean capital. Oleg Simonov, head of the department of trade and public services of the administration of the Crimean capital, spoke about exactly where the Christmas tree bazaars will work in Simferopol.

According to his information, Christmas tree bazaars will start working in the city right away. Their work will last until 31 December. Symbols of the New Year can be purchased at the following addresses:

  1. Heroes of Stalingrad Street, 33;
  2. Rocketnaya Street, ;
  3. Marshal Zhukov Street, ;
  4. Borodina Street, 1;
  5. Teplichnaya/Borodina streets, 22;
  6. Pobedy Avenue, 3;
  7. Pobedy Avenue, 33;
  8. Lermontov Street, 16;
  9. Kievskaya Street, 18;
  10. Bespalova Street, 49-b;
  11. Gurzufskaya Street, 3/1;
  12. Turkish Street, 32;
  13. Pavlenko Street/Lenin Boulevard, 2;
  14. Sevastopolskaya Street, 70-а/2;
  15. Sevastopolskaya street, 29;
  16. Sevastopolskaya Street, 22/Samokisha;
  17. Street 60 years of October, 22;
  18. 60 years Ok October, a.

The acceptance of applications from entrepreneurs for the sale of holiday products continues. Thus, additions to the list of placement of official places are possible. I also want to appeal to residents with an appeal not to buy Christmas trees at illegal points of sale , — said Oleg Simonov 70

The official also noted that a prerequisite is the conclusion of an agreement for the removal of garbage from these sites. After the completion of trading activities, entrepreneurs are obliged to put the place of trade in proper condition. The fulfillment of obligations will be monitored by employees of the relevant department.

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