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From January 1, medical workers in Crimea will receive an additional payment. Who and how much

CrimeaPRESS reports:

As we have already reported, The President of the Russian Federation, at the suggestion of the Government, decided to establish special additional payments to medical workers from January 1 2023. In Crimea, over 6,000 medical workers will receive such additional payments. Who exactly — said the Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Crimea Elena Romanovskaya.

According to her, the doctors of the central district and regional hospitals will receive a monthly allowance 18, 5 thousand rubles. Primary care doctors will receive an allowance 14, 5 thousand rubles, emergency doctors — , 5 thousand rubles.

2023 The monthly allowance for the nursing staff of the central district and regional hospitals will be 8 thousand rubles, for the nursing staff of polyclinics, FAPs, medical outpatient clinics — 6.5 thousand rubles, for paramedics and emergency nurses — 7 thousand rubles. rubles and junior medical staff of the central district primary care hospitals — 4 thousand rubles , Romanovskaya noted.

Ambulance paramedics who receive calls will receive an additional payment of 4.5 thousand rubles.

In addition, a regional allowance will continue to operate in Crimea for medical workers with higher medical and secondary medical education in the most scarce specialties, working in healthcare organizations providing primary health care, as well as emergency medical care: for doctors — 7 000 rub. per month, for paramedics — 5 000 rubles. per month, for obstetricians and nurses — 4 000 rubles. per month.

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