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How best to prepare for the exit from the long New Year holidays. KFU psychologist knows

CrimeaPRESS reports:

During the New Year holidays, the rhythm of life slows down significantly, the range of everyday tasks narrows, and the lifestyle changes. The peculiarity of the work of the nervous system of each person is also individual, and after the holidays a person may experience difficulties associated with “restructuring” and getting out of this period.

There is an objective factor: someone easily switches from one type of activity to another, someone — with great difficulty. And some, on the contrary, may experience overload from new experiences. Long days off are uncomfortable, as a rule, for people from the second category , — the press service of the university quotes Olga Voinovskaya, associate professor of the Department of General Psychology and Psychophysiology of the Crimean Federal University.

In order to correctly “get out” of the holidays, the specialist advises to live at a pace that will be convenient for the person himself, without resorting to drastic changes.

If a person has a measured life on weekdays, then he should not try to be in time in less than two weeks “everything at once”. It is necessary to choose what is considered the most important and valuable. If a person prefers an active life filled with impressions, you should not deprive yourself of this pleasure even on long weekends , says Olga Voynovskaya.

In addition, in order to alleviate your psycho-emotional state during this period, the right decision would be to leave yourself time to switch. For example, before leaving for work, you can pack your bag, tidy up your clothes, or check if you have the necessary things. According to the expert, these simple actions will help you get in the right working mood.

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